My Professional Goals for 2017-18!

Some of my professional goals are similar to last year’s goals, but will continue to be built upon. I want to be transparent and share my little, tiny successes and my big successes, as well as my failures and false starts…

But of course there will be no mistakes or issues as I am perfect and never make mistakes! Oh oh, wait a minute…! I make a ton of mistakes…

We need to be gracious in allowing, enabling, and purposeful mistakes, and supporting growth after making mistakes.

  1. Enhanced Communication with Parents and the Community – Now that BelPark School has a wireless network that greatly enhances teacher access, we are moving forward with a specific social media communication strategy where all teachers and classrooms will utilize Twitter to provide daily information, updates, and the wonderful learning happening in our school everyday!
  2. Outdoor Learning Classroom Strategy – How can we enable students to be learning through the Alberta Program of Studies but in environments that enhance that learning in a purposeful and intentional manner?
  3. All for One, One for All! – How do we as a whole staff support each other in our professional learning with high impact strategies on student learning – both in our school and among other schools? How do we move beyond our classrooms and schools to help each other learn?
  4. (Continuing) Time Supports for Staff Professional Learning and Enhancing LearningIDEA TimeInnovative Development of Educational Advancement – This is time gifted to our teachers for work that pushes us forward and develops our instructional practice! Our Admin Team teaches classes along with our music teacher, to work with kids and provide some time for teachers to be innovative. Now, I would like to look at how do we support among the school to make this practice more effective for student learning.

Hope you have a great year, and grow as much as I hope to!


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