Taking Risks… and Being Transparent About Them

October 5, 2016

After reading The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros (@gcouros) this summer, I challenged myself to be more transparent around the professional risks I plan to take this school year.

Often, we share our risks after they have already been successful, rather than being up front before we actually take the risks. This year, I have shared my risk goals with our staff, with the intention of helping our staff feel safe in taking their own risks and asking questions on how to make our school and board to be better and do better.

I know that some of these risks will go great, and others may not develop due to about a zillion factors in the life of a school… Such is life, but I want my staff to see my failures and well as my successes…

My risks this year that I shared with staff are below. Now I am sharing them out there with you! I will follow up through the year as to how it all goes!

1. Time Supports for Staff professional learning and enhancing learning
IDEA Time – Innovative Development of Educational Advancement – Our admin team will teach the students in each grade level so that the whole grade team has time as a team to plan together.
BUILD Time – BelPark Unleashing Innovative Learning & Doing Time – Our intent is similar to “Google Time” or “20% Time,” where staff will have specific time to think, research, collaborate and work on areas of development that they are PASSIONATE ABOUT AND DO NOT NORMALLY HAVE THE TIME TO FOCUS ON. This is not for doing Field Trip forms or planning as per usual, it is for work that pushes us forward!
PLCs – consistent times every 2 weeks for teachers to work together
Team Planning Times – specific times consistent every 2 weeks for teachers to work together

2. Learning Commons
• LC Philosophy Implementation & Utilization with students

3. Twitter for Staff Collaboration and Collaboration with other Schools
• My Favourite and Best Collaboration & Learning Tool (behind PLNs)
• How do we get staff on and using it to collaborate both within and outside our school?

4. YouTube Channel – Admin Video Communication with parents/community
• How do we utilize video to improve communication with the community?

5. Learning Garden on West Side of School
• Collaborative Design, Development and Implementation of Outdoor Learning areas

I will keep you updated as to how this all goes!

Work hard, learn tonnes!


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