CILO and Planning for After Spring Break

March 13, 2013

What a day today! An awesome Talent Show showing off all of our Keeler Talent, a whole bunch of missing chairs, confetti, a stolen car, and a wonderful eHR 4 hour session for Lisa B, Anita, and Derek! Sounds like a usual day at Keeler School!

I know everyone is getting tired and kids are giving us a run for our money as we head into Spring Break in another week and a half. I am sure these are the times that our CILO time is so important, especially as I know a lot of big work is being reflected upon and planning for after Spring Break is in full swing.

In our Fireside Chats, most people have identified that our CILO time is a huge benefit and is helping to lead us to improving our practice and collaborating with others to create the best learning opportunities for our students. We are sitting in the library at Forest Lawn High School, and I must say it is interesting seeing where the work we do will lead to within only 3 more years for our grade sixes…

Hope the afternoon was fantastic, and as always,

Work hard, learn tons!


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