Thanks, Volunteers, For Your Contributions to Public Education!

June 2, 2016

BelPark is literally the most diverse school I have ever seen. We have many ethnicities, races, abilities, languages, levels in academics, differences in socioeconomics, etc.
I believe that Education is the great equalizer, provides opportunities for all kids, and enables kids to grow and develop into great citizens. Our volunteers help us to enable and empower our students, from food to exercise to reading to field trips to fantastic learning opportunities to gardens to grandparents to… Wow! Here are some of the opportunities we have provided and supported kids with this year!

  1. BOKS Morning Exercise Program
  2. Food for Thought Healthy Snack Program
  3. Wednesday Food Hamper Program for Families
  4. Interpreters for new refugee students and families
  5. Supporting our students with clothing, food, shoes, boots, coats, games, puzzles, books, etc.
  6. RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Program from Bowness High School
  7. Grandparent Reading Program
  8. Readers and Scribes for provincial achievement tests
  9. Building, seating, and planting our outdoor raised garden beds
  10. Learning Commons Design and Implementation
  11. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Calgary
  12. Jump Math After School Program
  13. Boys and Girls Club of Calgary
  14. BCA safety committee
  15. Bowness Park walking field trips and outdoor education
  16. KidsLoveBowness – planning and supporting school initiatives and fundraising
  17. Planning and Implementing Sports Day
  18. Planning and Implementing Grade 6 Barbeque Celebration
  19. Classroom volunteers for learning, reading, connecting…
  20. Supervising Swimming lessons for Kindergarten to grade 4 students
  21. Supervising Skiing and snowboarding lessons for grade 5 and 6 students
  22. Field trip volunteers
  23. Pizza Lunch Volunteers and Coordinators
  24. Casino Fundraiser Volunteers
  25. School Council – You are the best!
  26. Parent Fundraising Association – supports all of our children with fundraising, field trips costs, artists, residencies, performances, and making sure all kids are able to go on field trips!

Thank you to everyone who volunteers with students for:

  • Supporting public education for all kids, no matter their home life, finances, or supports.
  • Enabling the growth and development of all of our students
  • Providing excellent learning opportunities for our students
  • Helping to make our school a true “community school” – We could not continue building BelPark, and our students, without each and every one of you…

To all our volunteers who support Education in Bowness, in the CBE, and in Alberta, THANK YOU!
Mr. R


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