The Best Part of Me! How do we utilize great questioning even with our youngest of students?

May 22, 2013

Today I want to link you to a wonderful blog entry by a guest blogger From Keeler School. Mr. Mike McKenzie is our lead Learning Commons teacher and is a big part of enabling our amazing teaching staff to do amazing learning with students.

In his blog entry, take a look at some of the superb work that our kindergarten students have been engaged in around looking at the best part of me! Now of course, by me I mean them!

There are a bunch of photos of the work that the students did and how they put it together into a hard copy book for the school. Have a look and enjoy. Of course some of the photos had to be blurred out a little bit, but you’ll get the gist of the amazing work that even our youngest students can undertake!

Hope you have a wonderful afternoon and, as always, work hard and learn tons!


Formative Assessment and CILO

May 8, 2013

A ton of news coming out today around assessment and moving toward better work utilizing formative assessment for students…

I continue to hear more about the work toward a Kindergarten to Grade 9 report card format. A committee for the CBE is taking the focus of “How do we personalize learning for our students?” They are recognizing that assessment is a key piece of our work with children. Their goal is to help teachers to spend less time on the “Event of Reporting” and spend more time on being able to integrate assessment into the learning and personalized work of each individual student.

As well, today Alberta Education has announced that there will be some changing priorities around the purpose of Provincial Achievement Tests for future years. They are working on making them more focused on student competencies and utilizing them to provide formative assessment for students as they move on to later grades. Something to watch…

Interesting news for our students as we move toward the 2013-14 school year and start to plan calendars and our big work for next year!

Work hard, learn tons!

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