CILO – March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012

After our school’s staff meeting last week and the wholestaff reflection and evaluation of our Wednesday work, it was wonderful for me to take the time reflect on the work that has been created and developed at Keeler School during our Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities time. From what I am seeing, our professional staff is taking this work to heart with the intention of utilizing it to the the work and planning that is beyond day-to-day planning activities.

Even in a two sentence blurb, I am seeing the passion for learning shining out loud and clear… Thank you for making sure this is work to push our professional boundaries, and is beyond normal planning for the next day, doing field trip forms, etc.

Thank you as well for sharing your work with the staff through this blog. I have had a number of staff tell me they have connected with another staff member about some of the work they posted here.

Keep up the great innovative work!



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