Purpose in Questioning – Asking Questions to Stand Still or Move Forward?

April 13, 2016

A blog from George Couros had an immense impact on me earlier this week. It was called “Asking Questions To Stand Still or Move Forward?” and it can be found at http://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/6201.

It got me really to thinking about the possibilities in the how we are working with teachers, parents, students, and even how we work within our school boards and districts.

When we are questioning or thinking, are we doing so with the purpose of keeping things the same, or are we questioning and thinking with the purpose of moving things forward and making the right choices in the best interests of kids?

This just reminded me of the old “That’s not how we have always done it here…”

I am not even talking about this from aspect of “change” or the need to engage in change for the sake of changing. If we are making choices for the best interest of kids, we may be asking questions that help us decided to stay the course. Or we may decide that it is in the best interest of kids to modify or engage in full-scale change. In the end, though, the choices we make our about moving forward and in the enhancement of learning for kids.

We need to ask ourselves, “What is my purpose in asking these questions?”

On the flipside of the coin, are we asking questions about the work of our teachers or districts with the purpose of keeping everything the same? Are we trying to make sure all teacher practice looks the same in every classroom? Are we trying to keep things in our schools to the way we already know?

I had a phenomenal conversation with my friend and colleague, Lisa Nachtigal, this morning, and we stared discussing how much the world of Education has changed in the last 20+ years since we entered the field. Assessment… Approaches to Curriculum… Deep, purposeful, impactful learning… Moving from “Teaching” to “Learning”… I hope we continue to ask questions so that Education looks even better when I am very old in another 20 years! J

Quite a change in perspective when we start questioning about our purpose in questioning in the first place…

Thanks again George! You always force me to think!



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