CILO – December 12, 2012 (12-12-12, How cool is that!)

December 12, 2012

Happy Triple Twelve Day! (12-12-12…)

As we are heading into the end of 2012, take some time to reflect and celebrate the learning that has taken place at Keeler School and in your classroom over the past four and a half months. Keeler School can be so proud of the growth and the work that students are undertaking, as well as the thinking that we all continue to improve in around how we design and develop opportunities for excellent student learning.

Thank you for utilizing our CILO time to effectively build upon the work we need to undertake. The discussion, conversations, thought and reflection that takes place is wonderful to watch and follow. As adults, we need to take the time to work in collaboration with others to design robust learning tasks and obtain feedback about instructional planning from colleagues and mentors. This will not only build up and develop our own understanding around enabling students to learn best, but as well helps us as a complete staff to assist in advancing the learning of all of our colleagues.

Have a wonderful afternoon!



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