A Huge Thank You To All, and To All a Huge Thank You!

June is quickly approaching, and there are lots of good old fashioned Thanks that I need to get out there!

To our amazing Volunteers and Parents – Not only are you there to help our students in the classroom on a day-to-day basis, you have been there to read with them, share stories with them, grow butterflies with them, learn about microbiology, coach soccer and develop sportsmanship, create and implement a morning physical education program called BOKS, cut a number of kids and the Principal’s hair right off for Shave your Lid for a Kid, and about a zillion other things as well! You are wonderful for what you bring and you make our students’ experience in school greater than anyone can possibly do alone!
(Look here for pictures of my Mohawk! How many Principals have Mohawks? This one!)

To our dedicated and hard-working Staff – You bring your heart, devotion and commitment with you every day and you make the lives of 320 students better every time you work with each child and support their learning! Your frustrations, struggles, and effort make the lives of each and every one of our kids better every day. Your smiling faces greet them as they walk in the door and kind words make all the difference! It is not easy work, but it is sooooooooooo imperative, significant and vital to our community and society! Great job folks!

To our magnificent and delightful Students – All of your hard work and effort has paid off! You have grown and improved and are developing into amazing citizens of our great country and community. You have been working to find your voice, to stand up for your peers, to show Respect and Ownership and a positive Attitude and Responsibility and Safety! You are all remarkable and I hope you continue to show the same growth every day of your life!  You are what makes my job so easy to come to each and every morning, and why I think I have the best job in the world! You teach me every day and keep me learning.

It has been my absolute honor to serve as your principal in my first year at Belvedere Parkway School this year! I look forward to moving and growing and changing and making our school, community, province, and country a better place, each and every day!

A Huge Thank You To All, and To All a Huge Thank You!

Work hard and learn tons,
Mr. R


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