Arts-Based Learning – All of Us “Leaving Our Mark” at Our School…

Our students have just finished working with a local group of artists in the first phase of (literally) leaving their mark at Keeler School. Every student has been reflecting on their part in utilizing our Circle of Courage in their life at school or at home. Students not only had the opportunity to throw their own clay bowl and a pottery wheel, but they also designed their own piece of a large representation of the Circle of Courage that will be put up and live on at Keeler, hopefully long after they have moved on to later grades.

Stephen Hurley wrote about how his child’s school took this work a step further, where they not only examined the major concepts around the vision of enabling students to “Believe,” but every student and staff member also left their fingerprint embedded in the work itself.

I love the idea that students live and work and learn in the building and they need to be able to see the past, present, and future of a school as a part of building and developing not only individuals but also a community.

Stephen described our roles so well:

As adults in the lives of our children—as teachers, administrators, parents and community members—we become the stuff that holds those spaces open for learning. When we’re at our best, we are cognizant of the importance of allowing our children’s voices to be strong and colourful. We are willing to admit that our hands are those of an artist, sometimes sculpting and molding but, most often, working to ensure that our students’ natural attributes are fully revealed. We are never starting from nothing!

Keeler Students will be leaving their marks behind them as they move forward, and setting the stage that we can all be artists and creators, are powerful and are learning all the time. Our parents have supported this work, our teachers have been challenged to work with their students to delve deep into the concepts of Belonging, Generosity, Independence and Mastery, and to really examine and reflect on how we live these concepts each and every day…

We will continue to enable “our children’s voices to be STRONG and COLOURFUL!”

Work hard, learn tons! (Thanks for the inspiration Stephen!)


6 Responses to Arts-Based Learning – All of Us “Leaving Our Mark” at Our School…

  1. The Grade 6 Team says:

    The Grade 6 team did our write up earlier but apparently we did not post correctly. We spent some time with our third teacher working on our Short Story unit. We have found that this class has required more guided writing practice on the individual parts of story writing and we worked to rearrange our schedules and groupings to provide lower ratio instruction for the story writing unit. Megan and Sonya also spent some time discussing how our Air and Aerodynamics unit can move into a practical project, using the knowledge to build flying machines.

  2. Bryden, Lunnin & Polok says:

    Grade 5 Team planned the cumulative wrap up for our Social Studies Canada: our Stories and history unit. We made up interest groups based on a Google forms survey the students completed online. We then discussed the possible projects that the students could use to show their cumulative learning and discussed what the requirements for each project would look like.
    Lunnin and Polok planned their new Science Project:Mechanisms using Electricity. The students have the opportunity to select 1 of 5 devices to showcase their learning- students are responsible to design and plan their own devices.

  3. Claire, Vanessa, and Heather says:

    This afternoon Kindergarten sat down with our wonderful student teacher, Nigla, and discussed the upcoming weeks of activities leading up to Spring Break. With great questions from Nigla, we discussed a number of our students, and reflected on the specific practices we have in place for them to help them independently succeed. With this conversation, we reviewed some of Nigla’s possibilities for lesson plans/activities that she brought to the table, and discussed potential opportunities for these to be put into practice. Nigla is interested in creating lessons based around early numeracy, and as a team were able to offer her a few resources to gather some more possibilities to create engaging whole-class, and small-group lessons and activities. We are so happy to have Nigla as a part of our team and look forward to her practicing her lessons and reflecting with her afterwards!

    We also discussed possible field trip ideas for after Spring Break to connect with our Community Helpers, or Life Cycle topics that we will be discussing.

  4. Grade Two Team says:

    CILO – February 26, 2014

    This week the grade two team met to discuss the upcoming literacy, social studies and art units. We examined ways in which we could connect art projects to the unit we are studying in Literacy and Social Studies. We are examining the Arctic region and can connect it to a project on Ted Harrison’s artwork. Students will be examining the arctic region and Ted Harrison’s art will be a good introduction to the unit and connects art and social studies. We are also starting narrative writing in literacy and as a team have been collecting, sharing, resources. We have decided to look at Barbra Mariconda and use her resources to assist in building our writing program. We will be starting with guided writing lessons and will be working with students to use details, various sentence starters, juicy words and focus on building stories using beginnings, middle and end to assist in organizing our narrative writing pieces. We will be focusing on pirates as a theme and that will guide our writing. Students will be creating their own pirates and writing about them using the strategies they have learned about narrative writing. The grade two team will be sharing Mariconda resources and will use student work to assess learning and progress. We will review student work and writing at our next meeting.

  5. Grade 4 says:

    We looked at how we are proceeding with our descriptive writing unit. We discussed how we have been building strength in the childrens’ use of “juicy” vocabulary and descriptive writing using sensory experience and imagery to convey feelings and ideas. Ideas were exchanged on what has worked with our particular groups regarding activities and tools that have gotten the children enthusiastic about being involved in writing. Time was also taken to consider how we will organize our student led conferences so the children have the opportunity to present work from each classroom they have been working in altogether in their homerooms.

  6. harjyote and brianna says:

    Today in Grade 3, we have been going through our students written work, to create exemplars for Student Led Conferences, so that students can see where they can make improvements on their letters, and descriptive writing. As well as give parents the opportunity to see how their child is doing in writing.

    The posters will then be hung, with verbal explanations so that students can independently compare their writing, and make improvements when needed.

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