Just Normal Kids Demonstrating Huge Generosity…

One of the people who ran for a school board trustee in my area had as part of her platform that students should not be raising funds for outside agencies. Honestly, I could not disagree more, and cite the case below…

Being in a high need school where poverty is an issue for many of our families, I find this thinking reprehensible and apart from our work of helping students to become excellent citizens. Students from Keeler School were featured on Global TV news last night for the work they were doing in setting goals and setting up a food drive for the Veterans Food Bank. The news story was extremely interesting as many of the kids admitted that they had actually used the food bank with their family at times.


The best part of this is that they were all so proud to be giving back and helping out with people outside their school and in the greater community. There was passion, engagement, and a feeling of a job well done as they knew it was great work they were engaging in.

Looking around at our students, I think it just goes to show that our kids are just normal kids and just happened to be born in a specific area of Calgary. They have the same caring, sharing, sense of belonging, and generosity that every other student has and demonstrates.

Keeler Cougars, as always, I am proud of the work that you do every day and I am proud to also be considered a Keeler Cougar!

Work hard, learn tons!


6 Responses to Just Normal Kids Demonstrating Huge Generosity…

  1. Grade 4 Educators says:

    The grade 4 educators worked with Keeler’s Speech Pathologist discussing and planning for the needs of our Communication Coded learners. We sure found it easy to plan and learn about their special learning needs because we had an expert to work with. Thanks Sandra Dee! We hope to be creative with our groupings in order to fully meet their unique needs.

    We also had time to discuss where our three writing groups are going with the non-fiction writing unit. Giving the grade 4 students purpose to their writing will definitely spur their interest and make an investment in the process. One day you might find their name on a book listed on New York TImes best seller list.

    Small Manageable Goals, and Big Dreams Grade 4!!

  2. Grade 3 Team says:

    The grade 3 team planned and organized some new and exciting Literacy centers that we are aiming to implement next week. Thank you to all the teachers who shared their Literacy center ideas at the last PD session 🙂

  3. Polok & Lunnin says:

    The grade 5 team met up with Bryden and the Grade 6 team to develop a new L & L Schedule that would best suit the needs of our students.

    We also put together a final draft of a new Structure and Style/Non-fiction writing rubric, based on the ideas brainstormed by our students. They will use it to self-evaluate their writing, and make improvements, before they get teacher feedback.

    Finally, we got organized to build our weather collection instruments. Students will utilize the steps in the Scientific Process to become experts in one of four possible areas.

  4. The Grade 6 Team says:

    The Grade 6 team is super excited to solve some crime! We worked on our police report, suspect list, alibis and red herrings. We are hoping to completely deceive our students and have them believe that this is a real crime to be solved.

  5. Grade Two Team says:

    This week the grade two team researched different methods of grouping for literacy and math to assist with determining supports for students in grade two. Students will be placed in flexible groupings and will at times be working in similar ability groups, for example during guided reading groups and will also be working in mixed ability groups with teacher support. We also discussed transitional problems and strategized potential visuals to assist students in remembering and easing transitions during the day. We also examined and discussed how community can be connected to our field trip to Fort Calgary ad the National Music Centre that we will be attending this week. The grade two team also investigated the next social studies unit on the Inuit and northern Canada. We examined potential sources for information and sources that could be easily accessed and utilized by students. We created a mind web for students to assist in their research and investigation. Students will also utilize a similar web to demonstrate what they have learned about Polar Bears in Northern Canada. We also examined the science program of studies to determine our next step in planning and a timeline for planning the next two science units.

  6. Claire, Vanessa, and Heather says:

    After completing the EYE assessment and Parent/Teacher Interviews last week, the Kindergarten team discussed in more depth the needs and goals of all of our students. We took this information and prepared for our Collaborative EYE meeting with the Kindergarten Network Team tomorrow. We discussed the programs we currently have in place for our students who have already been identified with specific needs, and the areas we need to focus on to incorporate more supports for these students. We then discussed innovative activities we could introduce into our classroom to support not only our students with specific needs, but all of our students’ learning. We look forward to including our new activities in various aspects of our classroom (centre time, phys ed, etc.) and observing the success they have, or making adjustments as we go along.

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