Creating Better Schools Four Collaborations at a Time…

This week has reminded me how educators do not work in isolation. Some wonderful parent had noticed that we were having issues with The safety of our crosswalk area where our safety patrollers support students in safely coming to school and getting home. I went out this morning to find amazingly lovely and professional-looking yellow lines painted on the road and it looks amazing. I love it when others look at ways to help create a better community school, and Keeler is exceptional in this way!

1. Community Support – In the past year, Keeler school has received donations from private families, private companies, large corporations, as well as support from agencies, the provincial government, the AGLC, and our School Council and parents. This makes me remember that there are many people on our side who want to help, but just don’t always know how. Thank you for stepping up to work with us for better outcomes for our wonderful Keeler Cougar students.

2. Collaboration with Students – I love when I ask students, or they just feel free to come talk to me, about an issue… A group of grade 6 boys came to me and said they were playing a lot of football outside and it would be awesome to have a football club. They said they were having some small issues around 2-hand touch, and that maybe this would help. What an opportunity! They had a problem, but they came to me with a solution as well! How sweet is that!

3. Professional Collaboration – The same can be said for professional educators and schools. We need to keep in mind that one individual never has the best answers, and that it is through conversation and collaboration that we get to better places. Time always seems to hinder this work, but we just need to make sure we utilize greater professional conversation to support each other.

4. Online Collaboration – A huge tool I have been utilizing for collaboration is an online professional learning strategy. Twitter is amazing for this, as I follow a number of amazing educators to share with and borrow ideas and resources from, such as @stevewclark, @gcouros, @sjunkins, @ChrisWejr, @mik_enzie, and @derekrakowski. The Area III Learning Commons Blog, which is a grassroots blog created by some amazing teachers in our area, is amazing to follow and is at, our own Keeler School Weebly Site allows us to share our students work at, and of course utilizing this blog for my own personal professional reflection (

Think about that all those many times that a group of people sit down together and come up with ideas or solutions that art 10 times better than they could have done alone. This is why I love education, as I have learned that I do not know it all, and that by talking with others we can always come up with better solutions.

Work hard, learn tons!


7 Responses to Creating Better Schools Four Collaborations at a Time…

  1. Jen, Lien and Lisa T says:

    The grade 1 team and Lisa T, met to discuss our upcoming math Number concepts unit. We looked at, evaluated, and played some challenging online math games ( – 10 Frames) and the board game (mancala) that encourages and targets subtilizing.

  2. Heather says:

    The Kindergarten team had a full afternoon meeting with many people from around the school, and greater community, to talk about the importance of educating children in the early years. First, we met with Janna Parker our SLP to discuss the progress of some of our students with the highest needs in terms of speech development. We also met with AHS to discuss the progress of one of our students in particular who has a serious speech delay, we spoke about how to best support her as a team.

    We then moved to the Learning Commons for a presentation on early child development that was based on the data we entered in the EDI last year. It was very interesting to meet with different members of the community, including the CLVC, to discuss how we support families in educating their children before school starts. We learned about the importance of the first 2000 days of a child’s life. While our formal education system in Canada is strong once a child starts Kindergarten, there is relatively little formal support for children in the first 2000 days of their lives. We also talked about the importance of educating families and finding good parenting programs that can teach parents about the importance of bonding and interacting with their child from the beginning.

  3. Tammy says:

    The grade 5 team worked with Thebeau and McKenzie on the creation of behavior support plans for our students. We finished one plan for a student in our class and walked away with many great ideas and strategies – thank you for your wisdom and of course the typing 😉

  4. Grade 3 says:

    Grade 3 will be beginning an animal research project that will combine our study of communities around the world and animal life cycles. We have organized an introduction to the project, so that the students can see what types of animals are from different continents of the world, before they choose their continent and animal to research.
    We also finalized a student self assessment rubric for their animal life cycle posters, that they will be presenting to the class, so that the information can by posted in the classroom for reference.

  5. Lunnin and Polok says:

    The grade 5 team met with Ms Jarema to discuss the upcoming Remembrance Day celebration. We continued to plan our weather unit, including experiments such as: making rain, how to make a cloud and building a clay model to represent the water cycle. We are still in preparation for our final weather project of building weather instruments to reporting weather. Finally, we put together more literacy centers, which students can complete during guided reading time.

  6. The Grade 6 Team says:

    The Grade 6 team is excited to start our Human Rights project after the fall break! Today we took some time to work on ensuring that the Individual Program Plans for our students are both meaningful and practical and will fit with the collaborative learning that lies ahead.

  7. Lisa Bartel says:

    Bartel had a wonderful afternoon collaborating with teachers and our speech pathology friends discussing how we can think outside of the box to program for our Keeler Kids who require extra Speech/language supports. Exciting to see how we can personalize student learning to meet the needs of our kids!

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