Formative Assessment and CILO

A ton of news coming out today around assessment and moving toward better work utilizing formative assessment for students…

I continue to hear more about the work toward a Kindergarten to Grade 9 report card format. A committee for the CBE is taking the focus of “How do we personalize learning for our students?” They are recognizing that assessment is a key piece of our work with children. Their goal is to help teachers to spend less time on the “Event of Reporting” and spend more time on being able to integrate assessment into the learning and personalized work of each individual student.

As well, today Alberta Education has announced that there will be some changing priorities around the purpose of Provincial Achievement Tests for future years. They are working on making them more focused on student competencies and utilizing them to provide formative assessment for students as they move on to later grades. Something to watch…

Interesting news for our students as we move toward the 2013-14 school year and start to plan calendars and our big work for next year!

Work hard, learn tons!


9 Responses to Formative Assessment and CILO

  1. Brandy Eagleson says:

    On Wednesday Cheryl and I looked at combining Math and Science to do a project in June. We are thinking of combining Shape and Space with the Science unit building things with a variety of materials. We also looked at two Art projects for the rest of the year. One a book study on Eric Carle and the other is the Georgia O’Keefe flowers.

  2. Heather says:

    This week the Kindergarten team used our CILO time to design how the end of the year will look for the students we currently have, and also started talking about what the beginning of the year will look like for those who come to us in August. Kindergarten is definitely a year of huge transitions for these kids, so it’s important for us, as their teachers, to carefully design and plan out how these transitions will go. We are hip-deep in planning our upcoming Welcome to KIndergarten night, where families who will be joining us next year have the opportunity to be formally welcomed into Keeler School. This begins the always important process of relationship building, for both students and their families.

    We also did some exciting and innovative planning about the projects and concepts we want to approach before the end of this school year. Our students are really connecting with our current unit of study focusing on animals and heroism. We have been looking at how humans are heroes to animals and how animals are heroes to humans. We will be going on a field trip at the end of May to the Calgary Humane Society, where we will also have a presentation from wildlife conservationists. In preparation for this trip we will be having representatives from a rescue sanctuary come in to talk to our students, and our resident wildlife expert, Mr. Long, will be coming in to show our students some stuffed animals that he has found on his many adventures in the woods!

  3. Lien, Sandi & Claire says:

    This afternoon the grade 1 team discussed in more depth how we were going to proceed with our artist in resident, Tracy Franks. We talked about opening it up a little bit more, not just creating a physical characteristic, but what they recognize as being “their power/strength” as it ties in with our Power of One Inquiry Statement. We are hoping the students will be able to use individual clay tiles to represent their power and to ascetically combine them into a mural that could be hung anywhere in the school.

    We then headed off to the Scholastic ware house sale to source classroom literacy and numeracy resources for next year.

  4. Today Lisa and I met with the Kindergarten Team to brainstorm and plan out how to best to set up the Keeler Kindergarten program for the 2013-14 school year.

    I worked with the grade 3 team in looking how best to set up learning supports for the grade 3 students in literacy.

    A number of teams and I discussed the Arts Residency with Tracy Franks and how best to plan for and approach the student work.

    I also worked on revamping the Keeler school webpage and looking at parent communication tools and strategies for next year to create greater engagement with our parent community.

  5. Grade 5 says:

    Today the grade 5 team did a lot of planning for all subjects. Our main focus was Math and we discussed how we could present the remaining topics to students in ways that would best reach all learners, as we have a wide range of learning styles and abilities within our classroom. We are currently talking about fractions and are getting ready to transition into decimals. We are working with the students in small groups and they are making visual and numerical representations of fractions as well as working with manipulatives.

  6. Grade Six says:

    Today the grade 6 team discussed and continued to plan our democracy mini-unit that is based around the Grade 6 Leaving Ceremony. Students have brainstormed different themes for the ceremony. Now, the students are split into “political parties” according to their common interest or support of a particular theme. Currently, each “party” is creating speeches and posters (campaigning). Next week, we will be holding an election to decide which theme will be for the 2013 ceremony. Students are enjoying learning about politics in an interactive and relative way!

  7. I’ve been really thinking about how important it is to make connections outside of the school, so I volunteered to support Falconridge in their iPad deployment during lunch.

    After talking with the 2s the other week, we had decided that we really wanted to create an authentic audience for our Inuit games unit … So we’ve decided to move out of the classroom and into the LC and gym to do a school-wide Inuit Games showcase! We talked about how that might look, and we created a map, placing all of the games. We also connected to discuss how the students are doing with their instructions and what we can do to move them forward.

    After a brief connection with the 4s to discuss the end of our Waste in Our World unit, I got to learn how to paint lines on the field for soccer!

    Busy busy busy!

  8. Grade Four says:

    This week the grade four team is working to develop an inquiry based science unit about light and shadows. We examined student resources that would assist students in forming questions and researching answers. Students will have the opportunity to work through a variety of centers and activities that will help build their understanding of light and shadow and to assist them in developing questions, directing their learning. We examined possible assessment procedures for the unit including, a class bull’s eye rubric, checklist for self-editing and reviewing work, and a peer checklists for peer reviews. As a team we also examined our Waste in Our World unit, we touched based to discuss how students are progressing, and how we will wrap up the unit, summarize and share our learning. Students will be peer reviewing their waste in our world videos and will be having discussions around which videos should be shared with the school, and why. Students will have a viewing day were the checklist is reviewed and each video discussed and assessed, individually, by a peer and a teacher. This will give students the opportunity to make any needed changes before the videos are aired for the school during Friday assemblies. The grade four team will continue to develop guiding questions for the light and shadow unit and will be working as a team to assess and review the waste in our world projects.

  9. Harjyote, Krystle, and Jen says:

    Today the grade 2 team met with Mike to go over the logistics of our upcoming Inuit Games presentation. Each child has been, preparing a research project on a particular game, and later in the month they will have the opportunity to teach their game to the rest of the school. The grade 4’s will be coming to learn the games a few days earlier in order to give the grade 2’s some feedback on how they can better explain their ideas when it comes time for them to present to the rest of the school…formative assessment!

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