Core Learning Time and CILO

Keeler School is once again heading into a core learning time for our students. We have seen a ton of growth in all of our students and teachers over the past 8 months and the excellent learning opportunities will continue to be developed and implemented. Teachers have already identified and planned phenomenal learning  and now we are in the implementation phase, quickly heading toward the end of the 2012-13 school year.

It is my core belief that good learning will enable our students better than months of test preparation for standardized tests. Keeler students are excited and engaged, enthusiastic and passionate  about the work that they are doing, and working to continue to develop passionate, engaged learning will be our mantra for the coming months… Our CILO time will enable us to do this!

Work hard, learn tons!


5 Responses to Core Learning Time and CILO

  1. Grade Six says:

    The Grade 6 team had the opportunity to meet with a Science specialist to plan some exciting and hands on lessons and experiments for our upcoming Air and Aerodynamics unit. This is a unit that had been feeling a little intimidated by due to the weighty and complex concepts that are taught, but we are feeling much more confident and even excited after having been introduced to more interesting and intuitive ways to bring these concepts to our students.

  2. Grade Four says:

    The grade four team examined several resources to assist in planning for a creating a timeline based on Alberta’s history and key characters from history. This is connected to the social unit, the stories of the people of Alberta. The different resources listed and highlighted several different manners in which a timeline could be created and displayed in the classroom. It is important that students understand how the timeline works, how data is collected and what events are considered main events in the history of Alberta and Canada. The students will be learning about different characters and events that contributed to the creation of Alberta as a provinces and Canada as a nation. They will discuss, research and decided who and what events fit best on our classroom timeline. This engages students and allows them to take ownership in creating and displaying a detailed timeline. There are several different stories and short novels that could be used to enhance the timeline and we will be working on sharing these stories and discussing them while creating and adding to the classroom timeline. We are also starting to examine the reading power, “infer”, we will be collecting various texts and stories that highlight the power of Inferring and these resources and texts will contribute to introductory lessons on how to examine pictures and read between the lines by inferring while reading.

  3. Xavier says:

    The Grade 5 team reviewed our Wetlands lessons that we engaged students with so far in this first week back. We’re ready to keep the good times rolling and planned the remainder of the lessons, as well as the final project. We look forward to the students developing a visual arts component (diorama, iStopMotion or computerized 3D model choices) as well as a brochure. We dug through the library books to find Wetland Animal books for them to do their projects on. These will be the gateway to them applying all they’ve learned in Structure and Style writing this year. It’s a good thing our library is fully equipped with a variety of reading levels on the animals. (But we were disappointed that there was only 1 book for Ducks and Geese!)

    We talked a bit about math, but without Marvelous Mike, we didn’t get far 😦

    Our wonderful student teacher, Amanda, laughed along with us through our planning journey – which we appreciated. Plus she found that missing, one and only, Ducks and Geese book!!! Good thing we have her!

  4. Bent says:

    The music and ELL team created a musician/composer/band project for the grade 6s. They will research and learn about a musician or a composer or a band, they will then create a short video which could be in the form of an interview or they might act as the musician/composer/band and tell about themselves.
    For ELL I looked at how to further engage two of my older students who are working on speaking. I am hoping to use the ipads and use Explain Everything. They will say and write words with blends that they are struggling with or play a game like pictionary to guess what the other is drawing using verbal hints and clues from their partners.

  5. Claire Matheson says:

    The grade one team previously met with Mike, our Learning Commons teacher, and discussed our upcoming unit on Building Things in science. We are planning on having our students bring recyclable items from home in order to build a variety of vehicles and buildings. The starting point of our unit is having the students listen to the book, The Three Little Pigs. This book will encourage students to focus on understanding what materials are appropriate to build a supportive structure. The students will have opportunity to experiment with different materials, and collaboratively decide what materials work best to design a sturdy building. Our culminating activity will be constructing a water vehicle that will float, and carry a certain amount of weight.

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