Ed Tech and CILO

Good news, everyone! Mike and I have been working with our IT Department to set up the new laptops for our students to be able to use. In between meeting with grade groups for CILO planning, Mike is working on setting up an upstairs cart and a downstairs cart with laptops for students to be able to utilize in their classrooms for their learning.

As always, I am sure there will be some technical issues, but we will overcome them in the interest of excellent learning at Keeler School, and we will ensure that the educational technology will enhance learning through the worthwhile work we develop for them. It will be interesting to see how the access we are setting up for students will be used, and we will need to work to set up learning opportunities (using educational technology if needed) that are effective and admirable, and go beyond using them as toys or gaming machines.

This is an exciting time to be an educator, as we are going from CILO time right into Teachers’ Convention and all the learning that will go with that. I have signed up for some excellent pre-registered sessions and look forward to reconnecting with colleagues and attending our very own Mike MacKenzie’s presentation around the development of a Learning Commons philosophy. Please enjoy Thursday and Friday and I know we will all come back refreshed and read invigorated!

Work hard, learn tons!


7 Responses to Ed Tech and CILO

  1. Lisa T. says:

    For most of the afternoon, Brandy and I met to discuss new literacy and math centers that the Grade 3 team could set up to assist the lower functioning students in becoming successful and independent with their learning. We talked about how the centers could be set up to be engaging and authentic.
    I also met with Mike to quickly discuss his Learning Commons presentation that he will be giving at Teacher’s Convention. It looked great!

  2. Lien, Sandi, and Claire says:

    The grade 1 team headed on over to Penbrooke Meadows to meet with Angie Finnie and the grade 1 teachers to further discuss bullseye rubrics and the Inquiry method. We were able to watch and interact with the students as they self-assessed themselves using the rubric. We then had a very insightful conversation about how using the bullseye rubric easily lends itself to writing the results portion of the report cards. What a wonderful afternoon, we are excited about going back to Keeler and trying out some more rubrics!

  3. Brandy Eagleson says:

    The grade 3 time met with PLP to talk about new Literacy and Math centers for low readers and writers. We now have a lot of ideas to implement in the next few weeks. We spent the remainder of our looking at assessment.

  4. Lisa & Emily says:

    The Grade 4 Team met with Mike and Tammy to continue work on our Social Unit on Regions of Alberta. We discussed student progress with their wikis, and how they can use each other’s wikis to learn about all of the regions. Students could demonstrate their understanding through a Keynote Presentation, including information on each region, an “ad” for one of them and a description of the region they would most want to live in and why. We also discussed how to present their information, and evaluate the final project. Time was also spent on the process for making our wikis live, and perhaps, having a launch party.

    The Grade 4 Team also spent time developing our culminating project for “Waste in our World.” The plan is for students develop video public service announcements on waste issues, including how to prevent them. Each week at assembly, one of the student videos could be shown in an effort to educate students about waste issues, and hopefully, help reduce the amount of waste being produced at Keeler School.

  5. Heather Graham says:

    This afternoon we checked several important things off of our ever growing to-do list. We updated the Kindergarten website with two different blog entries. One about our Kindergarten Tea Party, highlighting some of the most cherished and exciting parts of the day. The other blog entry was a story that we wrote as a class today as an ode to Valentine’s Day. In the story, Cupid gets stuck in a rainbow and a grouchy cat helps to get him out. Ensuring that the website is up to date is something that we are working really hard to be on top of, as it helps to to keep our parent community better informed about what is happening at school throughout the week. Each time we update we also email the announcement to the parent community and urge them to sit down with their child and review the important and exciting things happening around school.

    We also planned for how we will move forward with our current unit of study, “The Hero in Me”. Our students have been having a great time learning about fictional superheroes. They have made great connections, expressed wonderful ideas, and identified traits that all heroes possess. Moving forward, we will be looking at real life heroes like fire fighters, police officers, relief workers, etc. This will then segue into our research about problems people experience all around the world.

    It was a productive afternoon!

  6. Harjyote, Krystle, and Jen says:

    The students in grade 2 have expressed an interest in discovering more information on the animals of the Arctic, and how the Inuit and these survive the living conditions of the North. With support from Mike, our team has developed a research project for the students to inquire about a specific animal of their choice. The students will work with both digital text and non-fiction books to find information to add to their reports. They will then compile their information into various modes of representation (Smart Ideas, Comic Life, Power Point, Inspiration/Web) in order to share their knowledge with their peers, and the grade ones that will be moving to grade 2 next years. At the end of this inquiry they will complete a self-assessment of the content and their visual presentation, based on a rubric that they will be given at the beginning of their research phase.
    A difficulty that arose with finding non-fiction text both digital and in books, is that it is not at a reading level that many of our students can comprehend. To address this issue Mike set up a section in the Keeler Commons site with a variety of sites and showed the student how to use Read and Write Gold as a support. For the non-fiction books, students have been working on Non Fiction Reading Powers, to locate and comprehend the text in them.

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