Reflection & Follow Up – CILO

On Friday, we will be following up from our work at our November PD Day at the Innovative Learning Commons. We will be setting up conversations for each grade group to work through a collaborative process with another grade group. Please plan for Friday to look at the planning and learning opportunities you developed in November and how they are being implemented in your classrooms. Please think about:

  • Describing the Learning/Project and objectives for the team you are collaborating with
  • Raising Questions About the Learning/Project – What have been your successes and struggles in this work in general or specific to this project?
  • Brainstorming & Evaluating – Identifying Implications and Ideas for Further Learning & Improvement

CILO time has a perfect fit for this kind of work and reflection, so as we are already half way through the 2012-13 school year, please reflect where you are at and where you need to go as you Create Innovative Learning Opportunities for your students.

Work hard, learn tonnes!


7 Responses to Reflection & Follow Up – CILO

  1. Lien, Sandi & Claire says:

    The grade 1 team spent a very informative afternoon learning about the variety of programs and exhibits available at the new Telus Spark Centre for our upcoming field trip. We observed and experimented with the exhibits in the Creative Kids Museum, Being Human area (5 Senses Topic D) and Earth and Sky area (Building Things Topic C). We are looking forward to the students experiencing hands on learning at the Telus Spark.

  2. Emily says:

    Today the grade 4 team met with Mike to collaborate on some social science activities and unit plans. We worked to create an assessment checklist for students to utilize as a guide while they work through creating independent wiki pages based on the regions of Alberta. We also looked at inviting Clay 4 Kids in to work on a cross curricular projects with the grade 4’s. We are hoping to connect science and art through a clay project based on waste in our world. We also planned a final project for the waste in our world unit where students will be creating a commercial.

  3. Lisa T. says:

    For most of the afternoon, I was involved in the SLT meeting with Xavier, Bartel and two area strategists discussing how we will meet the needs of one of our complex students. We came to some great conclusions and an action plan that will assist this individual in meeting his academic and social needs.

  4. Bent says:

    After working with Bartel. I then touched base with the grade 3 team to see if the connections we had discussed in Dec still applied. I will be trying to connect music to their science unit on hearing and sound as well as to their social study unit, connecting to different cultures. I have been struggling finding some ideas on how to do this effectively and then spent some time discussing internet resources with other teachers as to where I may be able to find some ideas and ways to connect.

  5. Heather Graham says:

    Today the Kinder team continued moving forward with our new unit of study, ‘The Hero Within’. During this unit we will study many aspects of heroism, real and imaginary, and talk about the traits that all heroes possess. The first part of this unit is the study of superheroes, which our students are really connecting with. We looked at ways to incorporate this unit into our center time by creating centers that are accessible to students at many ability levels. We are all very excited about this unit, and are excited to keep moving forward!

  6. Megan & Sonya says:

    Sometimes the most important part of planning is knowing when to throw the plan out and start over. Originally, we had planned on doing separate Social Studies and Narrative Writing projects. We used this time in order to better integrate these subject areas and come up with an engaging story-writing unit based on the Iroquois Confederacy and Ancient Greeks. Students will be creating historical fiction writing pieces on these areas. We were also able to collaborate with Mike and he is using his NEVER-ENDING resources to get in touch with a guy that is an expert in visual journaling and we will be able to combine his knowledge and skills to incorporate art into our project. Mike will also help us with creating an audio book of our final project to leaving us a lasting artifact of our learning and developing writing skills.
    We are SO thankful for this time!!

    • Lisa B says:

      Bartel and Bent looked at next year possibilities for Artist in Residencies and how we can connect our kiddos and thier learning needs to the arts.
      Bartel then played nice in the sandbox at an SLT meeting to look at programming options for one of our complex kids. Then she networked with support personnel around our latest family in need. Looking at our students through a wholistic lens of what they need and what we can provide them to help them reach their full potential seemed to be my theme for this afternoon.

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