CILO – Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities – Nov 28, 2012

Hi all,

After the couple of weeks that we have had, this afternoon will be so important for us in a restorative capacity. Please take the let this opportunity to engage in the passionate work that makes our jobs so exciting and wonderful and draining all at the same time!

This morning at my ESPA meeting, I learned a ton about supporting students with anxiety and stress and some research work in how to enable students in their own “self-soothing.” One school has been working with Alberta Health Services and a group called and they are helping students when they are anxious or in a high stress state to practice learning how to come down. Interesting stuff…

As well, a doctor from the U of C, who is a specialist around learning in mathematics, shared a bunch of new research that is coming out about teachers and mathematics, as well as how students best learn mathematics. I can’t wait to share some of the research and the thinking at a later date…

Enjoy the afternoon and, as always, work hard and learn tons!


9 Responses to CILO – Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities – Nov 28, 2012

  1. Megan & Sonya says:

    Today, during our much needed CILO, we were able to collaborate with the grade 4 and 5 teachers to discuss our learning needs within our classrooms and how we can best meet the variety of needs among the students. We are able to come up with an equitable plan to share teaching resources amongst us and are looking forward to seeing the students benefit from this.
    We are also able to reflect on and celebrate the successes of the grade 6 recruitment fair/space projects and all the hard learning they did. This lead us into discussion on future projects and how we can include inquiry and our student’s talents in upcoming projects….stay tuned!!

  2. Lisa T. says:

    For CILO time this week, I was able to connect with Diana to work through some activities and ideas that could be used for working with ELL students in our school. We discussed many hands on learning tasks for various levels of learners.
    I then continued to put together activities that will help our PLP students to understand what communities they are part of and how they play a role in each. It is a work in progress!

  3. Terra and Kathy says:

    And it is created!
    A tentative plan. And it is all based on students learning needs in OA 1/2, OA 3/4 and room 15. Lets hope it works and if not, we are flexible!

    We planned our next writing theme, complete with projects. It is going to be a shocker! Zap! Again it is based on the unique characteristics of our students. Both projects will allow students to provide safety information in their own individual way. We are hoping to get support from our tech crew and build capacity in our students and us!!

    See you soon….

  4. Lisa & Emily says:

    Today the Grade 4 Team met with Maureen from Clay 4 Kids in the hopes of creating an artistic wall mural representative of the 6 regions of Alberta. We also discussed the possibility of applying for an Alberta Foundation for the Arts grant….

    In preparation for our upcoming research project of Alberta’s regions, which will lead to the creation of wikis, we discussed how to best group our students to support their needs.

    Finally, we joined up with the Grade 5 and 6 teams to create a tentative schedule for our new L&L team member.

  5. Bent says:

    This afternoon I was able to meet with the grade 3 team to discuss their unit in Social Studies and find ways in which I can support the students learning in music. We will be looking at different types of cultural music, dance, and instruments from around the world. I will also be connecting with their upcoming science unit on hearing and sound.
    I was then able to meet with Lisa to discuss literacy activities that she is using with her students and find ways that I can use them with my ELL students.

  6. Kindergarten says:

    Kindergarten continued our work from our PD Day downtown by discussing our next steps towards inquiry-based and individualized learning. Some of our students are beginning to see themselves as more capable of communicating their knowledge and researching questions that they may have. We look forward to supporting them in learning more about their own lives and backgrounds, those of their friends and neighbours, and eventually to communicating and asking questions about people who live far away. We also took the opportunity to talk to Mike about ways that we can work with him during our Learning Commons block and in small groups with technology to support our curiosity.

  7. Shannon Bale says:

    Today Brandy and I ordered math and literacy based board games for our classrooms. We also shared creative ideas with Diana and Mike about our social studies unit on Communities. We generated a very interesting and interactive way that students can display their knowledge of their own countries and learn about new countries like Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine, and India by being travel agents for their country. The students will create resources to encourage people to travel to their own country and learn about its cultural diversity. After the break, students will look at the core countries that they are learning about in social this year and become travel agents for those countries. They will also discuss deeper thinking questions like quality of life and global citizenship.

  8. Jen Arruda says:

    Today the grade 2 team discussed the magnet unit in Science. As students discover the world of magnets they will create a compass to use during their journey to visit the Inuit and Acadians. Students will rotate through the classes to investigate the power of magnets.

    • Lisa B says:

      Lisa B spent a hectic CYLO time helping to get Claire’s schedule figured out and then sitting and chatting with our practicum students about SPED coding, how to read a SLP/Psych report, IPP’s, trauma informed practice and everything that Lisa loves to discuss at length because in truth, Lisa leads a sad life… 🙂
      My crave cupcake was the highlight of my afternoon! Happy B-day to all the birthday girls!

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