CILO Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities – November 14th, 2012

After having spent last week doing some amazing learning and collaborating with educators from all over the United States, Ireland, Australia, Thailand, Ghana, and Canada, I am even more excited to come back to the work that our phenomenal staff is undertaking with our students at Keeler school.

I honestly am so proud of the work that our school and our board are doing. Once I had a chance to compare what is going on around the world, it gave me a great understanding of what we are accomplishing here. The learning opportunities that are being developed for our students are amazing. Just wait until our PD Day on Friday where I get to share with you about my experiences around one of the big things going on in American education right now, called into Interim Assessments. This is their version of formative assessment and, boy, is it interesting…

Have a wonderful afternoon creating innovative learning opportunities for our students and

Work hard, learn tons!


7 Responses to CILO Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities – November 14th, 2012

  1. Sonya Bradley says:

    The Grade 6 team had our CILO time interrupted by Outdoor School this week. We are really excited about the learning that has been happening at Camp Chief Hector this week and are thinking of ways to bring those experiences into the classroom and back to our school.

  2. Harjyote says:

    Today the grade 2 team looked at beginning a new writing project to further develop the students ability to add elaborative detail to their writing. We used some time during the day to build snowmen with our classes. They will begin their writing by using their background knowledge of building the snowman as a class, and create their own snowmen with paint. Later they will begin brainstorming ideas to begin their writing.

    We also discussed how we are going to begin our science projects, where each student will use the background knowledge on keeping things cold and hot to create a device to keep an ice cube from melting for one hour.

  3. Terra and Kathy says:

    Terra and Kathy plunged in the turquoise science bins. We discovered many surprises! Many old, useless and broken materials were tossed. We down sized from 3 to 2 buckets of useful and operating materials. This was all working towards developing our hands-on electrifying investigations!

    During our coffee break we discussed methods to incorporate multimedia art into our Social Studies Unit about People and History of Canada. We hope that our work at the Ed Center on Thursday will also support this planning.

    While reviewing student work we discussed ways to support our students to be more specific and thorough in their explanations.

    And in the end…

    Terra and Kathy made electrifying investigative work for the grade five students at Keeler

  4. Emily says:

    The grade four team worked on organizing and re-grouping our guided reading groups based on our most recent assessments to better suit their learning needs. We also examined resources that focus on our upcoming waste in our world science unit. We began the process of brainstorming activities and possible student centers.

  5. Lien and Sandi says:

    The grade 1 team discussed how to bridge the “past” with the present for our upcoming field trip to Fort Calgary. Students were asked to reflect on the changes they see from the early sod homes the settlers lived in, and compare them to the modern homes nowadays. This will then lead to an innovative independent project of constructing a log home from popsicle sticks,grass and plasticine.

    Reflecting on one of the main questions of our Inquiry statement, “Where did I come from, and where do I go from here” we relayed how the RCMP developed from the NWMP force. Students will then be asked to consider what life was like for the early settlers, contrasting it with their lives today.

  6. Kindergarten says:

    The Kindergarten team used our CILO time today to meet with our amazing Early Learning Team (OT, SLP, strategist, specialist, and Mrs. Bartel) to look at our EYE reports. Using the data that the EYE provides, we are driving our supports forward and making plans to best support our kids.

    Heather and I are also staying late today to work on our ongoing Literacy Backpack program to start getting it up and running! So much to do but it’s all exciting work!

    • Lisa B says:

      Lisa B had an exciting afternoon talking SPED coding with the practicum students and then working with the K team and their friends (Specialist, strategist, OT, and SLP) around looking at student need and how best to think and creatively utilize the K supports and resources we have available.
      I love CILO time!

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