Demography Isn’t Destiny

Demography Isn’t Destiny… – The success of our learners should not just depend on the area they are born in…

Do not be afraid to fail. Be afraid to succeed in things that do not matter.
Dr. Benjamnin Mayes

“The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible…”
Arthur C. Clarke

Equity, that our kids get what they need to be successful, and Excellence, that kids can be the best they can possibly be, needs to be the mantra for our work. Kids only know their situation, their life, and their context. They do not often know any different. Why would they? They always assume there is something better out there, but I think they assume most people have the same situation as they do, and that there is nothing atypical about their life or home, no matter the social issues continued in that home life. I grew up in the area in which I now get to be Principal, and know that education will be the best way to help our students rise above hardship.

So what does that mean?

Empowering Students Through Education – Education will be the key to positive change for our kids. Not poor education, not just the basics, not worksheets, but authentic learning that makes our kids think and collaborate and reflect and learn…

Overcoming History and Cultural Differences – Many of our kids are affected by their history, whether cultural or family or individual. We need to help them get past that, no matter their ethnicity, family, background or country of origin. Big issues for some of our kids…

Turning Hardships into Opportunities – The hardships are there… we need to turn them around and start to look at how we build upon the strengths that our kids bring, rather than only focus on lagging skills…

Building Relationships and building Common Ground – Relationships and process have to happen before we even get near change. How we work together, build trust, and communicate is how we will get to bringing about important change. We need to get from stranger to leader… I still remember when the time I was finally waved at by parents outside, months after I went to Keeler. I knew that moment was the beginning…

Time for all of us to step up and make it all happen. It will take all of us together, but I know that we can do it.

I am not sure who said it, but “Anyone can fly, you just have to have a place you have to go and no other way to get there…” and we need to figure out how to help our kids do this!

Work hard, learn tons!


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