Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities – Oct 31, 2012

Hi all,

Hope you did some eerily innovative work this afternoon in setting up some fantastic learning opportunities for your students. Sorry I am late getting this posted, but I have been thoroughly engaged this afternoon and completely lost track of time due to discussions and some personal professional reflective work.

Please add up your comment about the work you were engaged in. Thanks so much for sharing! I love the collaborative nature of our staff, and how it continues to grow and develop… Amazing!

Work hard, learn tons!


10 Responses to Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities – Oct 31, 2012

  1. Xavier says:

    We grade 5s (including Mike and Thibeau) did some work getting ready for our big Social Studies presentation day on Friday. We discussed the best ways to assess the students and thanked Thibeau for offering Mike as a third teacher to watch student presentations so that we could get through the 41 presentations in one afternoon. Kathy did an awesome job beforehand, synthesizing all of the individual student “Bullseye Target” rubrics into a class rubric for us to follow so we could assess the students based on their criteria.
    We also discussed how we could use the engaging work we’ve been doing around “Superstorm Sandy” as we wrap up weather and move into Electricity topics in Science. So we began looking at project ideas for our electricity unit…

  2. Alexandra says:

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  3. Harjyote says:

    The grade 2 team looked at how students would be able to represent their learning of the Hot and Cold unit in science. Students will be applying the knowledge and skills they have been learning during science to create a device using a variety of materials to keep something hot or cold.
    To evaluate their projects students will create and complete a self assessment rubric, to reflect on the skills that they used to create their device.

  4. The afternoon was spent discussing and looking at how the admin team can continue to support learning at Keeler School, as well and reflecting on resource management to make our school as effective toward enhancing learning as possible. Utilizing some reflective and forward thinking work, I have started building an action plan as part of our School Development Plan Process to examine and plan for how we move forward over the next three years. Big work that got a good start this afternoon!

  5. Lien and Sandi says:

    The grade 1 team discussed and designed an independent home/school inquiry project to follow up their study of Hibernation and Migration in science. The students were given a guiding question of “if I could be any animal (that hibernated or migrated) what would I be and why? The product of the project could range from building a mobile, poster, paper mache, video recording, plasticine sculpture of their animal. Their projects would be marked based on a classroom-designed rubric. We asked for parental support and participation. We wanted the students to demonstrate their learning of the concepts and to foster independence along with parental involvement. We are hoping for the best and will later post some pictures of their projects in various stages.

  6. Sonya Bradley says:

    Both of my fellow collaborators were unavailable during CILO time but I was able to use the work that Mike, Megan and I have already done to plan some of the final details of our Sky Science projects. Students are actively engaged in writing and creating for an authentic audience and we have students who have completed the required steps and are begging for ways to extend their learning and demonstrate even more mastery. The afternoon was spent putting some practical parts in place for the visions that our team had come up with during our previous morning meeting. We can’t wait to share this project with the school and visitors at our Interplanetary Colonization Recruitment Fair! Save the date: Wednesday, November 28th!

  7. Bent says:

    I was able to meet with the grade 1 and 2 team to finalize details for the Remembrance Day assembly. Mike was a help in figuring out how to get the material up for the shadow performance that the grade 2s will be putting on. I was then able to put some thought into the Christmas concert.

  8. Lisa & Emily says:

    The Grade 4 Team met with Mike to plan the Social component of our Weslandia Projects, which will eventually come full circle and connect with our Plant Growth and Change work. We developed a unit overview for Alberta’s Regions, including looking at text features, vocabulary enrichment activities, and introducing the regions through Alberta “puzzle pieces.” Students will research one of the six regions of Alberta, and develop wikis to educate others students about it. We will be meeting again in two weeks to reassess and reflect on student learning so far. Together, we also set up a schedule to provide additional technology support for L & L students in hopes of developing skills to enhance their learning.

  9. Lisa Bartel. says:

    Lisa b attended a great workshop on mental health issues at foothills hospital today. Fascinating work around differentiating mental distress/ mental health problems versus mental disorder/illnesses and how when we work with kids we can help direct kids to more positive paths.

  10. Heather Graham says:

    In preparation for our EYE parent meetings starting tomorrow we spent a great deal of time analyzing data and evaluating how to best move forward in supporting the 33 students who were flagged on the Early Year Evaluation. We sat together as a team and discussed each student who was identified as a ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ in one area or another and documented what we have already put in place to support them and what our next steps are. We then had to cross reference the EYE data with information we have collected from our Speech Language team and Occupational Therapist. We now have 46 students, many of whom have special needs that we are accessing support for, we found it very helpful to compile all of this information in one place and to have some time to discuss exactly what we are doing to support each of them in the area(s) of need. We talked about issues ranging from self-help skills, to speech language concerns, to social-emotional difficulties. Our role as Kindergarten teachers is to address a wide variety of developmental areas that span far beyond just academic weaknesses. Our hope is that by putting as many supports as possible in place now we can lay a solid foundation for our students as they move forward with their education.

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