Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities (CILO) – September 26, 2012

Another exciting CILO afternoon today! I must say I am always excited and energized to be able to see the amazing work coming out of the utilization of this time, the collaboration, the learning, the sharing, and the professional support that takes place.

It is amazing what happens when you have some time to do the work you WANT to do to develop Innovative Learning Opportunities, not just the work that you HAVE to do… And each and every day, I want to be at Keeler School!

Work hard, learn tons!


7 Responses to Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities (CILO) – September 26, 2012

  1. Derek worked on our next fine arts residency and in planning for the Hip Hop Dance group that will be instructing and helping our kids to perform some awesome dancing! I also worked on continuing to create a communication tool for our staff. Keep you ears on and open, as we will be doing some sharing soon!

  2. Bent says:

    This afternoon I had the opportunity to meet with Angie to discuss ELL. She was incredibly helpful. We were able to discuss the students I am working with and ways that I can better meet their needs. We also discussed guided reading strategies. She shared with me the Moving Up series from Scholastic which may give me more ideas and strategies.
    I was then able to spend some time putting together the music website.

  3. Kindergarten says:

    There’s never enough time to do all of the work that we want to do. The foundation that we are currently laying in our classroom community is becoming stronger each and every day due to a variety of strategies, specialists, supports, and expectations that we provide as a team. Today our CILO time got off to a quick start with a visit from our Early Learning Strategist, Tara Ryan. We jumped right into a conversation about ways to further our support for a special few of our exceptional learners. This led into a continuing in-depth look at how we move forward in supporting those students so that they may enjoy the feeling of what it means to be a proud, successful member of our learning community every day. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. We’ll get there!

    We are very excited to get to deeper levels of inquiry and innovation in our classroom – and need to work together to find ways that ALL of our students can benefit from future projects. Getting the necessary supports in place for them will lay the road for us to begin that journey in a genuine way in the very near future. We’re off to a good start getting supports in place for our students this early in the year, and look forward to seeing what our exceptional students can achieve when they have the tools to succeed.

  4. Sonya Bradley says:

    We have been busy making new plans for independent writing centers for the writing component of our literacy block. We had the opportunity to look at Xavier and Sushko’s literacy centres as a jumping point and are planning ways to adapt some of their ideas to provide meaningful independent stations for our 6th Graders. We are hopeful that these centres will provide level entry points for all students but will also be open ended to allow for our more capable students to shine. These centres will also allow students to continue to develop independence and will allow us to build writing workshop times into Literacy while other students are engaged in meaningful work.

  5. Lisa & Emily says:

    The grade 4 Team collaborated with Mike on our Pant Growth and Change/Weslandia Science Unit. We re-evaluated the timeline and criteria expectations for our culminating project based on the coming of October break and student needs/ability.

    We also planned our mapping unit for Social Studies, including centre activities and interactive smart board lessons to enhance their understanding. We hope students will apply these skills when mapping their own “Weslandia,” and then use their maps to create 3D models with lego.

  6. Lien and Sandi says:

    The grade 1 team reviewed our grade 1 Inquiry statement “The Power of One” and discussed the key Social Studies concepts of My World:Home, School and Community, and Moving Forward with the Past. We made connections between Our Inquiry statement and how it will relate to the upcoming Fort Calgary field trip. This will allow students to have a meaningful learning experience through hands on activities such as building a log cabin and touching/exploring artifacts from the past.

    We also discussed and implemented our soon to be posted grade 1 website to facilitate communication with parents and students at home. We looked at engaging websites for the students to independently utilize after school.

    We reviewed grade 1 curriculum, resources, classroom organization and management strategies that resulted in the reorganization and enhancement of the physical environment of room 20 to facilitate the students learning and social skills.

  7. Shannon Bale says:

    Brandy and I are leaving the very first comment for CILO time because we’ve been so busy discussing and talking about our amazing Grade 3 year that we haven’t even taken the chance yet to share it with staff on this blog yet! 🙂
    So during our first CILO time this year, Brandy and I collaborated on our big idea to guide our students in engaging learning this year. We spoke about several inquiry questions that would fit with “Our Journey” theme and ensured that our lessons and units were cross-curricular and related singularly to our theme.
    During our second CILO time this year, Brandy and I were working on and creating literacy centres and units focused on non-fiction reading power. We were so excited to create exciting non-fiction literacy lessons that encompass our social studies and science material.
    Now we are coming up with a brilliant Grade 3 website for students and parents to access that will have student work, blogs, information for parents about upcoming events, teacher page, and interactive resources and websites for all curriculum areas.

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