CILO Time – September 12, 2012

After seeing the excellent and amazing learning that the great six community shared today in the Learning Commons, I am hugely pumped about continuing our CILO time this afternoon. We all know that Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities takes time, and I think that we continually demonstrate that that time we invest into CILO pays off in huge dividends for the learning of Keeler students.

Enjoy your work this afternoon and, as always,
Work hard, learn tons!


10 Responses to CILO Time – September 12, 2012

  1. laura says:

    Wow! You never cease to impress me as a staff that is skilled and thoughtful educators! Missing you all!

  2. Lisa T. says:

    I was able to spend this time looking into ways to assist the new students in our PLP class that are struggling with reading and writing. The goal was to find exciting and practical ways to work on learning letters and sight words through the use of technology and practical activities. I was able to plan smart board lessons and research some hands-on and movement activities that will help students to gain confidence in their learning.
    We will be working with Mike during Learning Commons time to create projects using keynote, pages and some iPad apps.

  3. Mike, Lisa, Terra and Kathy says:

    The educators in room 15/16 took a deep look into the research skills, abilities and effort of the grade five learners. After reading through the students research notes about Canada’s areas of geography, it was discovered that not all information can be found from “asking the Googles”. We planned a strategic lesson about using other reference tools to extract information.

    Today, students were given the opportunity to review their work. They reported that they were not proud of the work they completed the day prior. But given some more time to to review and add to their notes using their new skills of using other resource material; many students were impressed with their level of completed work. Hooray for Learning!

    We hope the skills the students learned this afternoon will carry into future research projects. More learning means more growth!

    A portion of our CILO time was again spent using and exploring the available technology and how it can be used to support our learners be successful in their learning career. We are hoping that Dragon Speak on the iPad will be able to transcribe the students voice into written text.

    We also had a chance to connect with Diana and discuss the support our ELL students need to be successful.

  4. Leah says:

    Sorry this is a little late! Yesterday I spent some time chatting with Diana about a book that we could use for both music and literacy work in my class. The book is sung and we will eventually use the same structure as the book to create a class book.
    I also spent some time looking for literacy, math and science activities with multiple points of entry so all students are engaged and have success.

  5. Lisa & Emily says:

    The grade four team spent the afternoon with Lisa Bartel, completing our class review, and developing plans to address and support the varied learning needs of our students.

    After, we spent some time discussing Social Studies, and how we can tie in mapping skills and our study of Alberta’s landforms with our plant growth photo journals (Keynote). It will lead to the creation of our own “Weslandias.” We also discussed how to better support our grade 4 students as they become more knowledgeable and independent with their technology use.

  6. Mike MacKenzie says:

    We took an enormously deep breath of relief about how well our first school-wide showcase of the Commons went, and dove into new projects!

    We’re going to be colonizing another planet in our solar system – so the students will be leading a research project and recruitment campaign to collect students and to govern their own planet…


  7. Jen Arruda says:

    The grade 2 team worked on how we can integrate the hot and cold unit while learning about the prairie, Inuit and Acadian communities. In the next 3 weeks students will delve into the blackfoot culture and learn about landscape, food, clothing and shelter. Students will create a background of Alberta’s landscape to stand behind their tipi’s. We are hoping (have to talk with Mike tomorrow), that a group of students will work on creating the inside of a tipi with the Floor Plan program (thanks grade 6!). These students will then teach the rest of the class about tipi’s and the significance of the items inside.

    We also talked about how we are going to hook the students into traveling to these communities through a map, compass and creating a boat. We also discussed assessment and student rubrics.

  8. Bent says:

    Today I spent time connecting with several teachers to get updates on what they are learning in their class. This will help me to build a cross curricular approach in Music. I was able to meet with Leah and discuss an idea of a book that we can sing a song to and then the students can write their own class book. I was also able to get an update from the grade 6 team. Lisa and I met to discuss Choir and to generate some more ideas for the Remembrance Day assembly. Then after talking ideas through with several teachers I have decided that a Music webpage would be a good way to display some sound clips of the students.

  9. Megan & Sonya says:

    Today, Sonya, Mike and I started our CILO time by celebrating the huge success from our learning showcase this morning, in which the grade sixes shared their amazing mapping projects of the learning commons. We were in awe of EVERY student’s commitment to their learning and the projects they created to show their learning.

    Wanting to maintain the momentum that we gained through this project, we spent our time planning our sky science project focusing on the planets in our galaxy. We were able to create a project that combines researching skills, non-fiction writing skills and educational technologies, such green-screen and Keynote applications. Our project also has the potential to lead use in various math and literacy connections, such graphing and fiction writing.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Today the Kindergarten team continued our conversation from our last CILO time on how best to move forward in supporting some of our exceptional learners during our day-to-day routines, work tasks, transitions, etc. Being on the same page is such an important part of building consistent expectations amongst the three adults in the room and our 45 students. We’re continuing to look at how to use the specialists available in our greater ‘Early Learning Team’ community to support our work, and how they can support us in moving forward with our Early Years Evaluation (EYE-TA assessment) – a necessary step in coding and referring our new ‘exceptional learners’.

    At this point in the Kindergarten year, for many of our ‘exceptional learners’ (coded kids), building a strong foundation is going to be a key component for success as we move forward into some depth of inquiry or project-based learning. This includes some of the basics, such as solving problems with peers, asking for help, engaging in conversation, following a routine, and listening to multi-step directions, and following them. As teachers, we discussed ways to incorporate these ‘basics’ through a variety of avenues so that we can, as a class, apply them in different scenarios as we move ahead in our learning.

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