Relationships Relationships Relationships

Relationships Relationships Relationships…

Keeler school is one of the lucky schools in the CBE, as we are on a modified calendar. This means is that Keeler students come back to school three weeks earlier than most of the schools in our board.

As other students are looking to go back to school next week, our students have already been working and learning and getting into routines well ahead of other schools. This allows for a really fun start up and makes us feel like we’re way ahead when everyone else is just beginning in September…

This year, I have been constantly reminded and bombarded with examples of how the development of relationship with students is such a key, important part of our work. This goes for support staff, teachers, office staff, and administrators like myself. Developing connections and expectations for our students is our number one priority right now in these early weeks, and we are seeing the results pay off wonderfully. We are seeing students being much more positive, demonstrating belonging on the playground and in the classroom, working together, and all around just being more calm and ready to work. As a whole, this is allowing us to focus on the students who really need early interventions and supports and allowing us to set them up for success right away in August.

For not even being into September yet, I can honestly say I am so proud of every one of the students and the staff at Keeler School for the amazing August!

Work hard, learn tons!


2 Responses to Relationships Relationships Relationships

  1. Mike says:

    I ran around the school and worked with PLP and Grade 5 where we discussed how we’re going to take students into the eye of a storm and how they’re going to make a weather forecast. We also talked about Blooms Taxonomy and how to set up the students for success in teaching about different regions of Canada.

    With the Grade 4 team, we discussed the book Weslandia and began putting our Miniature-World Project together: The students are going to create their own world from a plant and invent a miniature civilization in a bucket… We’re going to be filling lots of buckets 😉

  2. Heather Graham says:

    Today the Kindergarten team was busy, busy discussing and designing new and innovative ways to support our students, especially those with special learning needs. We read, discussed and deconstructed the “Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Program Information 2012-2013” guide to really get a handle on the processes and procedures we need to follow to get supports in place for out students as soon as possible.

    We created an elaborate flow chart to track what we are already doing to support students in the areas of fine and gross motor development, speech development, behaviour, and ELL development. We also made a plan for how to extend and build upon what we are already doing in order to meet the needs of more and more students. We would like to do more work in small focus groups and have our OT, PT, and Speech therapists become an integral part of these small group times.

    We discussed our experiences with implementing the EYE-TA last year and came up with some creative ideas on how to make the process more effective for our students and their families.

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