CILO Time – 2012-13 School Year – August 29, 2012

CILO Time – 2012-13 School Year

Welcome to not only a new school year but to the continuation of our work to Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities (CILO) for our students!

Going into the new school year we will be continuing our Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities (CILO)development, and enabling ourselves the gift of time to be able to work on areas that we normally would never have time for… This is work that is beyond just “planning for next week” in the typical sense or doing paperwork such as field trip forms that do not truly affect the enhancement of student learning.

This blog was a tool that I created on our very first CILO time, and I have been blown away by how it has enabled our staff to be able to gain a better understanding of how others are using our CILO time, as well as to be able to connect and collaborate around some of the work that is going on through CILO.

This year I would like to all of us to continue utilizing this tool to enable us to be able to know about the work that others are doing. After our CILO time on every second Wednesday, please add up a short blurb (as a comment) about the work that you engaged in during CILO.

Again, please make sure that this is work that you would not normally be able to do. For example, it could be working on creating engaging inquiry work in areas that you have not had a chance before, such as in math or art. It could be looking at setting up hugely engaging projects for your students that connect to your big picture work. It could be discussing and looking at ways to enhance learning for some of our marginalized students, or even looking at how to integrate things like physical education, art, drama, science or educational technology into the learning of your students.

Please take this gift of time and use it well. I am so impressed with the work that came out of this time last year, and I’m very excited to see where it goes this year.

Work hard, learn tons!


9 Responses to CILO Time – 2012-13 School Year – August 29, 2012

  1. Bent says:

    I had the opportunity to go and visit the ELL specialist at Falconridge school. We discussed the ELL Benchmarks and ways that I can support teachers and their students. I was given websites and suggested materials to read so that I have a better understanding of how ELL support can work in schools. I now have many ideas to think about.

  2. Mike, Lisa, Terra and Kathy says:

    It was all about team work in Room 15/16.. Mike, Lisa, Terra and Kathy!

    We explored, discussed and planned how to use the Learning Commons space and resources to enhance student learning as we prepare our students to become Storm Chasers.

    We skimmed over our plans to make our students become the experts of Canada’s six regions. We reviewed a variety of projects that will allow them to teach their peers about their expertise.

    Knowing that Technology is a support and essential for student learning, we explored using the iPad. Mike even learned something new with the iPads. We are hoping that this tool will become a permanent tool in all Keeler Classrooms. There are an endless amounts of ways this tool will contribute to our student’s diverse learning needs.

    It was a PRODUCTIVE Time and of course SUPER Fun to be working with creative and energized team!

  3. Megan & Sonya says:

    The grade 6 team worked at refining our overall vision for the year and developed key guiding questions that we will use as a framework for our inquiry projects and the units of study that we are investigating this year. In particular, we looked at the idea of wonder, persistence and representing learning in ways that have real purpose within our school community. For example, we brainstormed ways we can best utilize Mike’s expertise in our Space Science inquiry project, using the green screen as a way of visual story telling.
    The enthusiasm demonstrated by all the grade 6 students during our recent Learning Commons mapping project brought home the value of collaboration with Mike and his expertise around enhancing learning with learning technologies.

  4. I worked this afternoon on looking at and examining possibilities for a comprehensive Keeler School Communication Platform that is easy and accessible, without many of the issues that we face when attempting to utilize tools like D2L, such as logging in and having to check whether there is new information/postings or not.

    I also looked at an online system called MRBS that can be used as a booking system for school resources such as rooms and spaces, computers and educational technology, the Learning Commons, Conference Rooms, etc.

    I contacted a number of contacts that work with tools such as these to gain an understanding of what the possibilities might be and the tools that might work best for our needs. This is turning into a major project…!

    • Hi Derek, I would love to hear what you find out about this. We also find that our communication is hindered by the tools we use, or don’t use in our building. This is definitely something that needs to be address for our staff too.
      Nice to see and speak to you along Crowchild the other day 🙂

  5. Emily says:

    The Grade 4 team examined and discussed long range plans for the 2012- 2013 school year. We brainstormed ways in which our Survivor theme can be connected to a variety of subject areas. We discussed the plant and plant growth unit and planned for inquiry projects to support our Westlandia and Wiki group activities. As a grade team we discussed possible TPGP connections to our long range plans.

  6. Jessica Oyelusi says:

    The grade 2 team discussed and planned how we are going to integrate our inquiry work around a community from the past with the One World Drum residence. We made some plans around looking at ‘Blackfoot Culture’ and the importance of the drum. We met with the grade 1 team to discuss how we can best utilize the low-ratio day one afternoons. We will be taking small groups to target letter recognition and early literacy skills. We also discussed and planned hand-ons community based learning activities.

  7. Please leave your blurb here about the wonderful work you were engaged in during our CILO time! Please come ask if you need any help. If you have done it before, it should post automatically. If you have not posted before, I will need to “approve” it once, then you will be good to go.

    • Lien and Leah says:

      The grade 1 team first met with the grade 2’s to discuss student areas for growth and to develop small groups to support those areas of growth.
      We then met to discuss our upcoming Fort Calgary field trip focusing on Community and how the students contribute and see themselves in the community. Our ultimate goal is to help the students understand the “Power of One” specifically how one person can make a difference in their community.
      We also discussed resources that would enhance and engage students learning and push them to further question their roles as members of their community.

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