Blogging for Professional Learning as well as School Development

After about half a year of blogging and now reflecting on its use, I must say that this has been a wonderful experience. Blogging has allowed me a place to put my thoughts down on “paper” as well as be able to share them with the world at large. There may not be 1 million people looking at this blog, but it is meeting the outcomes that I set out for it.

When I started the blog, it began for completely different reasons. We started looking at how could we enable our teachers the time to do the work that they were passionate about but that they never had the time for. At first it was a new way of thinking for us, but our staff has really gotten into it. We call this time Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities or CILO time. The intention is to allow freedom, autonomy, and passion to come through so that teachers can look at development of learning opportunities beyond just planning for the next week. So, if you always wanted to look at doing some inquiry thinking around mathematics, but just never had the chance, now you had the time. Take a look at my previous blog for more information about CILO (

The outcome I wanted originally was to have an easy place for teachers to share what they were working on during CILO time. Doing a quick blog posting allowed teachers to post comments where it was easy to see visually because they were all together, versus having to look at separate postings for each team. That was it, that was my original intention…

As I went along I started playing with the idea of using this as a professional learning tool. The blog allowed me a chance to share out what I was thinking as well as to be able to talk about some of the work that we had been doing as a staff.


  1. Communicating our work during CILO time
  2. Reflection and communicating my own professional learning
  3. Reflecting on and sharing the collaborative work we do during PD days
  4. Sharing out thinking, vision and ideas to our wonderful stuff
  5. Reiterating big ideas that need to be heard or seen beyond only speaking about it in a staff meeting

I am sure that this tool will grow and develop as I go along, as I am still working on it’s progress, but it gives me a great place to share. My next goal is how can we turn this into a parent communication tool as well, not just for informational items like when this event will be happening or such, but as a tool for sharing out educational reasoning and thinking and helping parents to understand better why we do what we do.

I hope that you feel free to use this idea and modify it for your own purposes, just as I did when I learned of the work that Laurie Cullen, Principal at Erin Woods, was doing. Her blog is called and is definitely worth checking out.

As well Steve Clark at Marlbourough School has also started his own blog at

Thanks for coming along on the ride, and feel free to share and post comments!



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