CILO Creating Innovative Learning Oppotunities at Keeler School – Wednesday May 23, 2012

Ahhhh, time for some “Hard Fun” for the staff at Keeler School… Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities (CILO) time has been an interesting innovation this year. It tells me that so much of our work is about relationships and collaboration, not standing in front of our students with worksheet/text book in hand. It is about creating true student (and educator) engagement where they/we want to do the work and go beyond school being the classic stereotype of “Learning” starts at 8:30 am and ends at the bell at 3:10 pm and teachers are gone soon afterwards…

The work Keeler School has been doing is amazing and I am seeing a ton of Innovative Learning Opportunities taking place and being developed. Great work team!

As always, check below in the comments to follow some of the work Keeler Staff are engaging in during CILO time.



11 Responses to CILO Creating Innovative Learning Oppotunities at Keeler School – Wednesday May 23, 2012

  1. Miss Vanessa says:

    Our Kindergarten team has been doing a lot of reflection on the growth we’ve seen over the past days, weeks, and months. This seems especially pertinent right now given that we have one month left before we hand off our little Cougar cubs to the Grade One teachers!

    During our CILO team we discussed the amount of growth we’ve seen and tried to remember a year ago for our Welcome to Kindergarten orientation how our students were ‘way back when’. We spent a good chunk of time preparing ourselves for this big night and making sure we are prepared to the best of our ability to support our new students and their families alike so we can work towards building solid foundations for those relationships that will be key to successful student careeers at Keeler school!

    Assessment is also something that we have been working on – the new EYE-TA assessments need to be done, alongside some of the more ‘organic’ forms of assessment that will provide parent feedback before the big transition to Grade One, as well as important information for our students about their growth and areas they can work to improve while we move forward with our learning.

  2. Jen Arruda says:

    Shannon and I discussed a number of things as we see each week zoom past us. We talked about our next math unit and have created a project that ties in measurement, geometry, data collection and building things. Students will put on their construction hats and create their very own geometric city.

    We also looked at our poetry centers and how we can engage the students to delve deeper into their appreciation of poetry not only by creating their own poems but looking at poems and how they make us feel and paint a picture in our minds. Acting will also be part of our poetry journey. We will end off our journey through a poetry cafe where students can share their work with others.

  3. Mike MacKenzie says:

    We “connected” with other professionals by watching a video created by the 6th grade teacher at Colonel J. Fred Scott School all about flight and aerodynamics – which we eagerly decided to adapt and make our own! We will be challenging kids to make an airplane that will land without killing any passengers (lego men & women)…

  4. Xavier says:

    Grade 4s are revving up with excitement again. Ideas burst forward for our car building/money making project! To make a long afternoon of brilliance short – students will earn an hourly wage with multiple bonuses based on the Circle of Courage. Using that money (and oh, the math skills they will master), they will buy necessary building materials next week to meet certain challenge criteria. Mike’s grade 6 math group will use their skills when they become the host of our Marketplace.

    We also finished (finally!) putting up our Alberta Timeline that will be a source of discovery for our already rolling inquiry unit in Social Studies ending in a Tea Party.

  5. Sandi says:

    I collaborated with grade 5 to support L & L small group work, shared writing and math resources and helped set up for their poetry cafe in the morning.

    I coordinated with the Volunteer Tea committee.

    I planned Gr. 1 literacy support activities.

  6. Bent says:

    Lisa and Diana once again reflected on the ongoing inquiry project for the grad 3-6’s. We discussed our successes and areas that we are struggling with and would like to improve. Our main struggle has been having the students bring in materials to build their instruments. We have started to see some creative rhythm compositions by some of the groups. We also discussed what the next steps will be for the students in their projects and have come up with a checklist for them to keep them on track. Lisa and I reorganized the centers for the grade 1 and 2 students.
    We have also been putting some thought into Funga Alafia and how we can have students do some of the instrumental parts to the song.

  7. Harjyote Shergill says:

    Today the grade 2 team planned out a research project for our upcoming insect science unit. We discussed and created a teacher rubric that we will share with the students before they begin researching their chosen insect, as well as how we will provide background information so that they are able to choose an insect of interest.
    Students will be able to choose whether they would like to create a poster or a diorama to present to their peers to show what they have learned. We will visit the Kindergartens and see their dioramas and also view some posters from a grade 2 research project done earlier this year.
    The students will have access to books, movies and the internet to collect information.

    • Xavier says:

      Love that your class is visiting “experts” in the school!

    • This is a great chance to examine adaptations through analogies, going back to the questions Jessica’s class came up with about the universe and our beginnings. Why did each insect end up that way? What would be an analogy to explain them? Ladybug=hunter, or fly=helicopter, etc. It can be a great spot for storytelling and myths as well about their insect (Why did the ladybug get his/her spots?)

      Have (hard) fun!

  8. Laura says:

    I was only half a team today, but was able to do some connecting with parents on how best to support their child. I also spent some time looking at student’s math and how to move forward to deepen their understanding of addition and subtraction concepts.

  9. Derek has been working on looking at Formative Assessment in different ways based on learning for adults and how I can improve my own understanding and professional learning. I looked at different assessment tools, developed my own formative assessment collection tool, and revamped the way I would like to work with our whole staff next year in being able to enhance and enable formative assessment for the professional development of each and every educator in the building.

    As an educator, the following quote guided my thoughts this afternoon:

    “Good leaders help others climb the ladder of success. Great leaders know where to place the ladder.” Kylene Beers

    I am excited about continuing this journey…

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