Unraveling New Frontiers on CILO Creating Innovative Learning Oppotunities at Keeler School – Wednesday May 9, 2012

Another fantastic afternoon is proceeding of Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities (CILO) at Keeler School. I love seeing the passion come out in our teachers on these days, as we have the opportunity to think outside the box, moving beyond day to day planning, and really thinking about how we help kids learn versus just how we teach…

Thanks for sharing your awesome work with the whole team. I must say that I love reading the very passionate responses about how the time has been used!

Have an innovative afternoon developing learning for our students!
Derek Rakowski


8 Responses to Unraveling New Frontiers on CILO Creating Innovative Learning Oppotunities at Keeler School – Wednesday May 9, 2012

  1. Jenny L says:

    The grade 5 team worked on their health tobacco unit, developing strategies that the students could use to make independent healthy choices. As well we developed lessons in which students would model and practice real life situations. We planned for our upcoming class in which a speaker from Alberta Health Services who would be providing students with information and props supporting our lessons. Additionally we will be showing a video focusing on Barb Tarbox, a motivational guest speaker. We will go forward with the students creating a Public Service announcement.

    We have been organizing our science fair by supporting students with the scientific process, and assisting them in the development of meaningful, authentic topics. We also created a schedule for all classes to view and provide feedback on their projects.

    We organized students into groups based on interests and needs for their inquiry project This was based on an interest inventory on important people that shape Canadian history. We developed folders for them to organize their research.

  2. Heather Graham says:

    The Kindergarten team was away in the morning on one of our mentorship days. During this time we worked on refining our ECEC Grant Proposal and getting it ready to resubmit. In the afternoon we ventured out to many a store in search of supplies for Literacy Backpacks. We are so excited to start assembling the backpacks and getting them finished to start using next year!

  3. Bent says:

    Lisa and Diana reflected on the ongoing inquiry project for the grade 3-6’s. We also reflected on how our centre activities are working for the grade 1 and 2’s. To further discuss the use of mood in music we will be showing the grade 5 and 6 students a youtube video of ColdPlay and their tribute to the Beastie Boys. It is their rendition of Fight for Your Right to honour the Beasite Boys who recently lost one of their members to cancer last week. The Cold Play tribute demonstrates to students how different instruments and tempo can change a song from a party anthem to a tribute to a lost friend.
    We have also solidified our public performance for the recorder club and brainstormed a tribute to the grade 6s, which will be Time of Your Life by Green Day.

  4. Kathy Sushko says:

    The fours are moving forward with another promising productive project. The fabulous grade fours students will be inquiring about the historical figures of Alberta but first the educators must located appropriate media, literature and refine information found on the world wide web. This pre-planning and work completed by Mike, Terra and Kathy will assist the projects and students to be successful as they use relevant and useful information relating to Alberta’s finest! The final goal is to have the students to become their historical figure and come to tea. At the table they will discuss and converse about their lives focusing on how they made a difference by showing the spirit of the Circle of Courage. Students will also create their own legacy as the historical figure by creating a video or paper journal to document their life.

    We are excited to see the past come alive in our room as our students learn about Albert’s historical figures and the importance of making a difference!

  5. Jen Arruda says:

    My team partner was also away today so I took the time to look over my student’s PAT practice writing prompts they completed in the last couple days. I looked at it through the lens of formative assessment and how I can move them forward for the next time. I will be meeting with each student in the next 2 days to go through their stories and discuss their strengths and areas of growth in hopes they will use the feedback with them on PAT day and future writing activities.

    I also met with Lisa T. to plan our activity for buddies next week. Our activities allow the older students to use their independence, be good role models and teach the younger students.

  6. Lien says:

    As my fabulous teaching partner was ill today, I had a chance to look through our health curriculum. We had previously discussed our dental unit and thought about how to incorporate fun, hands on learning and having the students tell us what they know and not know about oral hygiene, then plan accordingly from there. I have contacted a wonderfully brave dentist who is willing to come in to show proper brushing and flossing techniques to the students, and answer the many many questions they have about their teeth. Oral hygiene month, here we come!

  7. Mike and I met with a gentleman who is looking at setting up a program to support numeracy development in our younger Div I students through an after-school or in-school program. He found me in Linked In and wanted some input into how educational technology and current research/practice would play a role. It was an amazing discussion, and he is going back to some of his funders with some proposals. Stay tuned… 🙂

    I showed him the books The Math Curse and The Number Devil, and he loved them! Lots of discussion around the Khan Academy, the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, real manipulatives, and asking great questions!

  8. Harjyote Shergill says:

    Today the grade 2 team worked on how we could create hands on purposeful learning of the social studies curriculum through a visit to Heritage Park. By viewing and being able to participate in a community from the past students will be able to experience the changes to their community over time. Taking into account the emergence of multi-culturalism, presence of Aboriginal origins, technology, transportation, occupations and land use.

    We were also able to continue our work on looking at student samples of writing and the art connections to improve upon our writing lessons.

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