CILO Time – April 11, 2012

“A revolution starts with a clear vision of a world different than the one we live in today.”

~Simon Sinek

After spending our professional learning day on Monday, April 9th, 2012 looking at and discussing the difference between “Curriculum” and the Alberta Program of Studies, we at Keeler School now have some time to be able to start delving into how we put this work into practice in our work with students. Listening to Sir Ken Robinson in “Leading a Learning Revolution” reinforced that relationships with students and excellent teaching practices are what will make the difference with our students!

During our Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities (CILO) time we have the opportunity, the time, the creativity and the permission to be able to plan, develop, build, implement and undertake wonderful innovative learning opportunities. I hope you enjoy your afternoon and use your time wisely with the goal of enhancing learning here at Keeler School. Thanks for putting up your blurb and sharing with others the work that you are accomplishing during our CILO time.

Have a fantastic afternoon!


10 Responses to CILO Time – April 11, 2012

  1. education says:

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  2. Mike MacKenzie says:

    How do we bring the election to kids? The grade 6 crew connected with Student Vote and created a strategy to go deep into the candidates, platforms, and ideologies. We’re looking to increase the students’ knowledge through different forms of multimedia, discussions, debates, and article writing activities that will be published on our classroom web page.

    I then went upstairs to work with Kathy where we discussed choice in an upcoming project: Using pulleys to replicate a well, using levers to launch an object, and using rollers to transport heavier materials. We also revisited the skills and knowledge students will need to build a robot -not to worry, with limited AI it is unlikely to take over the school…Yet!

  3. Mrs. Sushko says:

    In room 15/16, the air was filled with thoughts… Looking how to assist our grade four’s to be self-reflective learners. Answering the question: Where do they go from here? And how do they get there?

    Time was also devoted to continue planning an inquiry based science unit of moving and building. Answering the question: How can we set up learning without telling them the solution? Our final project will move something… Hopefully!

    And finally the most exciting thing… At 3:18ish we got a phone call from the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. Keeler Fours will be taking a trip to C.O.P and into the lives of Canadian athletes. Discovering how they are challenged and work towards meeting goals. Real Life connections!

  4. Derek was working on planning, scheming and dreaming for 2012-13, which was wonderful this afternoon. I was looking into some great possibilities for how we can set up Keeler School for learning as well as to enhance and support our students. I was also looking into possibilities on how we can utilize our funding to support and manage Keeler’s resources on behalf of the best interests in student learning.

    As well, we met and talked with the grade 3 and 6 teams to talk about how best to support our students as achievement tests come quickly upon us. Some great ideas came up, a lot of them based on our work this year around formative assessment and assessment for learning. It is amazing to have such a great team to work with!

  5. Sandi says:

    Sandi spent the afternoon working on the grade 4 novel study to develop vocabulary & comprehension skills (with an emphasis on the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy) as well as grade one phonics, fine motor and reading comprehension skill units and grade 3 review of basic math facts and place value.
    Sharing of resources and planning for utilization of space was also completed with Bea regarding the use of the old computer lab for small group pull outs.
    Activities for the Gr. 6 girl’s group were developed utilizing the newly acquired Indigo resources.
    For Gr. 5 high utility sight vocabulary and word family activities were completed as well as cloze activities to develop reading comprehension.

  6. Laura says:

    The Grade 1 team used the time to organize and plan for up and coming field trips, as well as order some new literacy centres. We used the time to talk about how to best meet the needs of some of our students. We also looked at times to have the Kinders come for a visit….which is still in the planning stages.

  7. Harjyote Shergill says:

    Today in grade 2 we began creating a website to show parents what we are working on in class. We believe our students would be very excited to show this site off to their families, and that it would spark conversations at home about the learning that is going on at school.

  8. Lunnin says:

    The grade 5 team planned for our upcoming Poetry Unit, including what our Poetry Cafe will look like. We determined how to scaffold for our varied learner needs, but in a way that would allow for inclusion and success for all of our students.

  9. Miss Vanessa says:

    The Kindergarten team spent our afternoon further developing our approach to our offsite activity tomorrow to Fish Creek Park. We had already prepared some ideas before the break and finalized the plan for tomorrow. We want to ensure that the day’s activities integrate with our classroom activities/discussions and don’t end up being one-off special isolated learning opportunities. We are currently looking towards integrating the day’s experiences with our ongoing inquiry into our effect on the environment and impact on the lives of others (animal/plant) which fits in well with the research we’ve already done on other animal species so far this year. Heather has been participating in a series of Galileo workshops so we also spent time discussing how to integrate/present our work at the next workshop on Tuesday.

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