CILO – March 14, 2012

After our school’s staff meeting last week and the wholestaff reflection and evaluation of our Wednesday work, it was wonderful for me to take the time reflect on the work that has been created and developed at Keeler School during our Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities time. From what I am seeing, our professional staff is taking this work to heart with the intention of utilizing it to the the work and planning that is beyond day-to-day planning activities.

Even in a two sentence blurb, I am seeing the passion for learning shining out loud and clear… Thank you for making sure this is work to push our professional boundaries, and is beyond normal planning for the next day, doing field trip forms, etc.

Thank you as well for sharing your work with the staff through this blog. I have had a number of staff tell me they have connected with another staff member about some of the work they posted here.

Keep up the great innovative work!



11 Responses to CILO – March 14, 2012

  1. Lisa B says:

    Sorry for always being the last person!!! Bea and I spent the majority of the afternoon going through program reviews and discussing her students’ progress and some of the programming needs we are looking at for the next school year. We discussed transition plans for her students and how these can be accomodated. It was a great afternoon celebrating student learning and planning for future.

  2. Jenny L says:

    Today the Grade 5 team prepared for student lead conferences. We developed a slideshow to showcase student learning, we looked at student work and how we can enhance their writing with a ‘angry verbs’ word wall we also created guiding questions, and organized student work to be showcased on the walls.

    We finalized our Indigo book order looking ahead at the science and social studies curriculum and books that would enhance these lessons.

    We prepared for upcoming chemistry, discussing the student science fair and lessons needed prior to prepare them for it. We focused on vocabulary that would be needed during this unit.

    In social studies we looked at how students would collect stories of their family history, and how they came to Canada and mark it on a map.

    We also looked at our classroom set up and lessons plans, developing better ways to utilize our space in order to enhance student learning

  3. Vanessa says:

    Our PLC group met to talk about our presentation next Wednesday and to hammer out the details whilst munching on delicious snacks. I love our little meetings where our ideas evolve together.

    Afterward, Heather and I worked on Literacy Backpacks (part of tying in the home-school connection) since some of our materials have come in from our Indigo order. There were some logistical issues we discussed, and made a plan for our next steps. We’re so excited to get this going, but it’s going to be a bit of a process!

  4. Derek was planning with the Making Learning Meaningful PLC was excellent this afternoon! We discussed a ton of ideas around professional feedback and educational risk-taking.

    I also played around with the possibilities of utilizing a tool like Youtube as a communication tool for our parents, but to utilize our kids in doing so. I did some research into “Out of School Literacies” and how we can look at utilizing tools that have always been considered “forbidden” and allowing students to be able to use them to get their message out. There are some real possibilities in this area for our students and how they represent their learning in ways that work for them, rather than us older, more cynical folks.

    How can we be working this hard when it is this fun?!?!

  5. mikenzie says:

    Working with the Grade 4 crew we talked about building a robot with moving limbs and mobility – and we connected deeper thoughts about transportation through settling the west and building devices that move. We’ve also set challenges for kids (launching objects, transporting things vertically/horizontally)… We’re having fun :).

    With the Grade 6 team, we discussed creating an online News Source on the project server, and how we’re going to connect with the grade 6 kids at Falconridge over polarizing topics.

    With my PLC group, we prepared and discussed how we’re going to share our professional learning with others, and how we hope to learn from their generous feedback!

  6. Lien says:

    Grade 1’s

    1) We worked on fine tuning our student-led conference centres
    (use of a parent passport to circulate around the stations, I-web
    movie with pictures of the kids work)
    2) We previewed a video for Social Studies (Acadians) and wrote
    down questions pertaining to the movie.
    3) Discuss/collaborated over student concerns and upcoming
    4) Phoned parents to set up IPP times.

  7. Grade 6 Team says:

    The grade 6 team sat down and planned out our Science and Social units for after the break. We are looking at having the students break into groups and participate in a class election. They will write speeches, write articles and prepare media (posters, videos, etc.) for the election.

  8. Jessica Oyelusi says:

    Harjyote and I are organizing and creating interactive centres for Student-Led. Each centre will have guiding questions for the parents to ask their child and accompanying rubrics/criteria for success that were used for project work. For example, they will be sorting animals above/below the ice with the guiding question: “How did/do the Inuit use the different parts of the animals?” They will be making an estimate of how many jelly beans are in a jar with the question: “What estimation strategies will you use to make a good estimate?” They will be sharing their writing and writing rubric with the accompanying questions: “What 5 senses did you use in your writing? and Tell me the variety of sentence starters you used?” Students will be sharing their research posters, rubrics & self-assessments and watching their presentations on the smartboard. Their parents will be asked to ask them their guiding questions that are on their posters. We have 2 more – come and see us if you would like to know what they are:)

  9. Sandi says:

    Our team planned our presentation with Derek for the staff meeting next week.

  10. Shannon Bale says:

    Jen and I are talking about what our student led is going to look like. Today, we sat down with our students and brainstormed what they would like to share with their parents at student led next week. Students shared with us the meaningful work and centres that they would like to show their parents. Students will be creating invitations for their parents to come to interviews. Students shared a comment about why it is important for their parents to come to interviews. On Monday, next week, our students will be creating the invitations and be sharing their comments of why it is so important to come to interviews. Jen and I have looked at the students’ suggestions for student led interviews and we’ve all decided to have math, literacy, social, and science centres as well as have students read their best guided reading book to their parents and show their masterful art and writing work at their desks. We will also have a computer centre in which students will show their parents our communication through D2L and how to use Razkids for home reading. Jen and I also discussed that included in our science centre will be an informational poster that students will read with parents about our little ducklings that will be joining us after Spring Break!

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