Time – A Gift to Take…


That most elusive of things that we never seem to have enough up. That feeling that we will never be able to get done what we need to get done in the right amount of time.

How do we, as professional educators, find the time to develop innovative, exciting, wonderful learning opportunities for our students? How do we create and improve the work we do every day with our students? How do we take the time to put into motion those are amazing ideas that have been percolating around in our brains for months or years on end?

If we are going to enable ourselves as professionals to be able to become innovative, experimenting, reflecting and creative practitioners, we need to find a way to take the time for this work and for ourselves as learners.  I want to find, and enable, that excitement in the depths of the stomach and the soul where you know you have hit onto something great…

I remember doing charcoal sketching with my class. Time had become a non-entity as I was so engaged in the work that I was doing, showing and working with students in the mess that is charcoal. I knew we were doing great learning when the students said, “What do you mean it’s time to stop?” When time takes on no meaning, we know we are doing good work.

As a professional educator, the same thing applies. I know when I am so excited and when time flies in such a way it is because I am doing innovative work. I know I am moving in good directions toward unraveling some new frontiers in learning…


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