CILO – February 15, 2012

Creating Innovative Learning Opportunities (CILO)

In looking at creating innovative learning opportunities for our staff, I am testing out using a tool called a “blog.” I have set this blog up using a free online tool called Word Press (which is free!) that will allow us to share, hopefully, in a very easy way.

I am hoping that having the opportunity to be able to see what others are examining and working on during their professional learning time will assist us in enabling the necessary conversations to happen to take our practice to the next level.

As our teams add a comment to this posting, you should be able to see the postings from everyone all at once. This will save having to go through every little posting in D2L and be able to quickly and easily be able to see what everybody is using his or her CILO time for in order to enhance student learning.

I will be very interested to see and reflect on how our experiment works. I am also looking into other potential communication platforms that would make communication much easier for the staff at Keeler School to not only stay informed but to take our practice forward. D2L works just fine, but we need something that comes right to us, rather than a tool that we have to go to…


11 Responses to CILO – February 15, 2012

  1. Laura says:

    ok, so I’m not so good at this technology thing….I actually posted our comment for the Grade 1 team under another blog (instead of reading “next post” I thought it said “new post”………so if you want to see our post go take a look at the “next post” blog…..

  2. Lisa B says:

    The music team used this time this afternoon to examine our learning space to best meet the needs of our stuents. As a result we have moved our classroom from room 10 to room 9. Room 9 affords us with more break out space to facilitate small group instrumentation and composition centers to support our music program. We are basing our work on the book The Third Teacher: 79 Ways You Can Use Design to Transform Teaching and Learning. Please come on down and check out our new learning space!!

  3. Lunnin says:

    The Grade 5 Team spent some time organizing a few things in our classroom so that we would have better access to technology. Now that we both have access to working Smartboards, we have a better opportunity to enhance student learning through technology…which is our PLC focus as well!!!

    We spent time brainstorming ideas for our upcoming Chemistry Unit in Science, which includes showcasing student’s knowledge of the scientific process through science fair projects. We also did some research on our upcoming Social Unit on Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada. The idea is to have the students learn about a person or group of people who helped shape Canada, and then create a video monologue (dressing up/acting out the part) to share the stories with their classmates.

    Finally, we searched the Indigo website for useful books/resources to add to our classroom. We hadn’t ordered any books yet, and figured that finding a few new ones to support our upcoming units would be helpful!! We also selected books from the list of the Top 100 Picture Books every child should read.

  4. Mr. R says:

    The grade 6 team was working on our narrative writing plan culminating in a project on the idea of “Overcoming our Fears.” We will integrate iPhoto as a way for students to create deep representations of their work.

  5. Mr. R says:

    The Grade 2 team worked on planning/ implementing/ assessing a writing project with the two’s. The children will be writing an elaborative paragraph about a meadow setting that they have created out of torn paper.
    Today my class brainstormed ideas for “success criteria”. I compiled their ideas and they will have acccess to it while they are writing.

  6. Mr. R says:

    The PLP/Resource Team examined concepts around Social Thinking and Social Behaviour Planning, and how this work could be implemented into students directly learning social skills to assist them in their life in school.

  7. Xavier says:

    The Grade 4s are busy doing much out-of-the-box thinking and planning! Kathy and I got some math ideas about how we are going to infuse problem solving into the fabric of the lesson (plus about 7 math teaching books from the library). When Mike joined us we finished up thinking of how to go about our Mold Projects for science. We then had awesome brainstorming on how to make our next Social Studies unit engaging…stay tuned for a Metis character video diary and the likes!

  8. Miss Vanessa says:

    Kindergarten is working towards developing an inquiry based project regarding the needs of animals (and how humans can affect them positively and negatively). To begin, we’ve decided to start mapping out animals of students’ choosing, and finding out a little bit about them. Eventually, we will move towards a vote to decide on an animal on which to do a more focused inquiry, similar to our penguin project in December but with more student-initiated/small group research.

  9. Shannon Bale says:

    The Grade 3 team is working on how students are going about story writing. We will have students feel confident in writing their story beginnings, and main event.

    • Shannon Bale says:

      We also found some great tools for students on how they can organize their thoughts and ideas into two different rough story planning templates. Jen and I worked on our Barbara Maraconda mini-lessons on story writing so that students will ultimately be creating their own story, piece by piece. The end result of which will be one, spectacular, creative story that they will make into a good copy with pictures and share with the class!

  10. Mr. R says:

    The “Unraveling New Frontiers” blog had been created for the musings and reflections of the Keeler School Principal, as well as provide a test environment for the amazing staff of “Cougars” to be able to difuse and propagate the professional learning that is continually taking place at Keeler School.

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